“Jessica Jones” recap (1.05): You’re never fully dressed without a smile

But Simpson, by nature of his Special Ops background, weasels himself into the operation anyway. But it’s clear he doesn’t really respect Jessica or her abilities. In fact, he thinks she isn’t even close to being a hero. Well, buddy, that makes two of you then.


With that, we flash back to a Before Kilgrave Jessica. She is wearing a dirty hoagie costume handing out coupons for two-for-one hoagies. See, young people, stop complaining about there being no good jobs out there for you. A young girl wanders into the street as her texting father ignores her. But Jessica sees her and stops a speeding cab with one hand from hitting her. As the wide-eyed young girl thanks her, we see the hero inside Jessica rise.

Not a hero my ass, Simpson. Go fuck yourself and your terrible cunnilingus technique.


Alas, he continues to rear his mansplaining head. Oh, hey, little lady–I got you an automatic transmission getaway van. I wasn’t sure your lady feet could manage a clutch, gas and brake pedal all at once. Now make me a sandwich. Ugh, well at least he accurately assesses that Jessica doesn’t like him very much. Trish says Jessica is protective and doesn’t like any of the guys she dates. Hm, interesting, I was like that with my best friends back in the day, too, but that was mostly because of the lesbianism.

Jessica gets a call from Hope in jail. She seems to be having some sort of unwanted Orange Is the New Black situation with an inmate named Sissy and needs cash. Jess gives in, because she saw what Vee did to Red and does not want that kind of facial scarring on her conscience.


With that, we are treated to our third Before Kilgrave flashback to Jessica’s recent past. Trish and her are planning out superhero costumes. Trish holds up a prototype that  fans of the comic books will no doubt recognize. It’s a reference to Jessica’s first costume–and alias, as “Jewel”–during her early attempts at superheroing in the comics.

Yeah, I’m pretty pleased with the creative decision to go with skinny jeans and hoodies for the show instead.


So it’s Mission: Imprison Kilgrave day. The producers can’t help themselves and give us a glimpse of a tiny costumed Captain America running by right before shit starts to go by. We get it, Marvel. We promise to also go see your movies, now can we get back to the action?