The 2015 AfterEllen Visibility Award Winners


After tallying close to 500,000 votes, we are ready to honor the winners of this year’s AfterEllen 2015 Visibility Awards. The nominees and winners were all chosen by readers, who filled in their favorites first and later voted from the top six or seven choices in each category.

What’s most interesting to see is how many new faces popped up in categories previously dominated by shows that are still on air, like Faking It and Lost Girl. Web personalities were also high in favor, taking wins in categories that aren’t relegated to the internet alone. Could it be that internet fame makes it easier to mobilize fans, or that YouTube stars are the new generation of true celebrity?

Still, some favorites from years past remain or resurface, and the surprises are hopefully as fun for you to read as they are for us to reveal.

Thanks for voting in this year’s AfterEllen Visibility Awards!


While there’s a strong dose of drama in this Netflix series, Orange is the New Black provides LGBT women with enough laughs to dominate as Favorite TV Comedy after losing to Faking It last year. Perhaps it was the addition of the Time Hump Chronicles in Season 3 that solidified things.


A new addition in 2015, Clarke and Lexa’s relationship had queer viewers tuned into Season 2 of the CW series, and loving every second of the dystopic drama. Like last year’s winner, Lost Girl, The 100 is unafraid to have their main female character be bisexual and better for it.


Tatiana Maslany plays several of our favorite television characters on Orphan Black, so it’s natural she’d take home this win. We’re also so thankful and relieved Cosima survived Season 2.


Another new addition in 2015, out Carmilla star Natasha Negovanlis dominated in a category that had a ton of competition. The star of the Sapphic vampire web series even beat out last year’s winner, Amy Raudenfeld of Faking It.