The 2015 AfterEllen Visibility Award Winners


Natasha’s chemistry with on-screen lover Elise Bauman ensured that Hollstein (aka Carmilla and Laura) would win Favorite Fictional Couple. The will-they/won’t-they element to their relationship has Creampuffs clinging to every new episode for the shared moments between Carmilla‘s central pair.


Top Chef continues to deliver with talented cheftestants season after season, and 2015 was no different. Melissa King fared well in Boston, while current star Karen Akunowicz is killing it as a queer femme food master on Top Chef: California.

Hannah Hart‘s My Drunk Kitchen helped her to become a household name with queer women, and it’s all based on her enigmatic and optimistic personality. With movies, books and other projects in the works, the out YouTube personality is poised to continue her reign as someone that brings people joy just by being herself.


Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara star in the lesbian-themed period drama with a happy ending, and the story having been written and adapted by lesbian women ensured we would fall for it without fail. Even though Carol has yet to open in every city across the nation, the film has made a powerful splash with critics and at the box office. Expect it to win even more awards in 2016.


Ellen Page is the epitome of out and proud in 2015, and her push to get the lesbian-themed feature Freeheld made for the big screen can not be understated. Ellen’s willingness to be open about who she is and want to mix the personal with political has made us even bigger fans than we were before. (Did you see her take on Ted Cruz for her new VICE show? We can’t wait for Gaycation!)