The 2015 AfterEllen Visibility Award Winners


Carmilla is proof that new twists on classic characters and themes can triumph in today’s times. We’ve seen so many takes on vampires in the last decade that the show could have easily been discarded as a latecomer to the Twilight/True Blood/Vampire Diaries craze, but instead, creators Ellen Simpson and Jordan Hall spun together the world of a millennial, video blogging co-ed who is quite taken with her new fang-toting roommate. Alongside their friends and foes, Hollstein helped to win the show Best Web Series for the second year in a row.

2015-visibility-hookup pipex-win

Season 3 of Orange is the New Black was a turning pointing for Piper and Alex, whose relationship is ultimately threatened by Piper’s panty business and the appearance of Stella (Ruby Rose). But the early-on “hate sex” Pipex engaged in really had queer women tuned in and turned on.


The bisexual, biracial electro-pop star has been winning over audiences with her androgynous style and feel-good vibes, and queer women are certainly not immune to Halsey‘s charms. Could Ruby Rose be among them?


Musician/actress Hayley Kiyoko‘s video for “Girls Like Girls” was the far-and-away winner for Best Music Video this year for her nuanced story of a young woman in love with her best friend. The song is pretty awesome, too.


Maria Bello‘s book Whatever…Love is Love scored high marks for its originality, unabashed honesty and insight into the bad assery behind one of our favorite actors. While not so concerned with labels, Maria also discusses their importance and has actively become involved in LGBT advocacy since coming out in 2014. 


Fans of  Stevie Boebi flocked to AfterEllen to vote for their favorite YouTube star, winning her Best Tweeter for tweets about her videos, her girlfriend, her cats and other observations made under her handle @Sassibob



Model/actress Cara Delevingne shares as many funny memes or goofy moments as she does sexy photos and wry observations on her Instagram. Anything goes under her IG bio: “Don’t worry, be happy. Embrace your weirdness. STOP LABELLING, START LIVING.”