The 2015 AfterEllen Visibility Award Winners


Carmilla star Elise Bauman wins the honor for her love of the LGBT community, and fans are thrilled she’ll be playing gay again in the upcoming film Almost Adults. Did we mention her best friend will be played by none other than Natasha Negovanlis?


It’s no surprise that 2015’s biggest and best moment was when the Supreme Court of the United States decided same-sex marriage should be made legal. It was a huge legislative win for the entire LGBT community and signified a sea change for even more positive moves for equality in the years to come.


Beauty and fashion vlogger Ingrid Nilsen shared an emotional moment with viewers when she came out as gay in 2015. Since then, it’s been revealed that she’s dating fellow YouTube personality Hannah Hart and the two have delighted us by popping up on each other’s videos and Instagram feeds.


The British wives create YouTube videos about their relationship, ranging in topics from sex to bacon to surviving the apocalypse. Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are open books and unabashed oversharers, and their fans love them for it.


After helping to secure a World Cup win for her team, soccer fans watched as pro soccer player Abby Wambach ran to find her wife and kiss her in celebration. The moment was huge for visibility in sports, making Abby’s recent retirement even more bittersweet. Even though she’s taking time off to build a family, we’re certain we’ll continue to hear from Abby in 2016 and beyond.


In 2015, Ellen DeGeneres kicked off the 13th season of her multi-award winning talk show, which is now just one of the projects she’s had her hands in this year. Ellen also launched her own home and lifestyle brand, ED, and served as executive producer on three new television shows (Ellen’s Design Challenge, Repeat After Me and One Big Happy). As the most visible and successful lesbian in the world, Ellen continues to be a positive public depiction of a happy gay woman who can win over housewives, politicians and even the most homophobic of hearts and minds.