“Jessica Jones” recap (1.06): There’s no place like home

Previously on Jessica Jones: We flashback to Jessica’s almost superhero career. Trish has a hot flash with Simpson. And Jessica flashes Kilgrave an almost smile–but for the right reasons.

Here’s the thing: Kilgrave’s power can’t be explained, so it also can’t be believed. We watch as he gets a table of high-rollers to fold after going all-in. We watch as he gets one of the high-rollers to bash his own brain in against a post. We just don’t know how he does any of it, nor do Jessica or the trying to stay clean-and-sober Malcolm.


There’s a suspicious knock at Jess’s door, but don’t worry–it’s just Luke. This time, he has come looking a little worse for wear–or, at least, his shirt does–to hire Jess to find someone. It’s the brother of a woman Luke has made a promise to for some mysterious reason. The kid owes a loan shark so, you know, same old story. Jess reluctantly takes the case.

He leaves and Jessica’s cell rings. Yeah, it’s that kind of night. She answers with an, “If this is a booty call, I like your chances.” It’s Hogarth on the other end. Look, I’m clearly a Trishica shipper, but I’ll take a little Jeri/Jessica action on the side any day. 


Jeri has called from the back of her Town Car, while absent-mindedly stroking a sleeping Pam’s hair, to say Hope has been beat up in prison and is in the infirmary. I feel so many conflicting things about Jeri, obviously. She’s manipulative and ruthless, and smart and disarmingly sincere–at least when it comes to Pam. Like, here she is, delivering this terrible news about Hope while simultaneously seeking dirt on her soon-to-be ex-wife, yet also in the midst of this tender moment with her sleeping girlfriend.

And it works, and is down-right necessary, because, without these glimpses of this side of Jeri, we’d probably just hate her.


The next day Jessica goes to pay a visit to Hope, who Jeri says is getting both expensive and exasperating, to see what’s up. She strong-arms–quite literally–Hope’s attacker who tells her Hope paid for her own beat-down. And then the Latina Big Boo complains to Jess about messing with her digits because she has “ladies to satisfy.”


Yes, I know, lesbian prison jokes are a tired trope. But, yes, I still giggled.