PVRIS performs “My House”on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

PVRIS has been a hot, up and coming band in the punk and indie rock circle for the last few years and it has a lot to do with out frontwoman Lyndsey Gunnulfsen. The talented vocalist leads the trio in songs like the haunting “My House,” a single from their 2014 album White Noise, which they performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, their first late night appearance ever.

Last year, Lyndsey talked with the BBC about the importance of being out and interacting with LGBT fans:

“I never had someone to look up to and be like ‘Oh, that person is OK and they’re gay.’ If I can be that for someone then it’s why I’m open about it. I think it’s something that needs to be shared publicly. I think a lot of people are trying to accept themselves and come to terms with it because it’s still a pretty big thing right now. I think it’s good to have an open mind and speak about stuff if you have a platform to, as long as it’s something positive and something that’s beneficial to other people.”

If you haven’t watched Lyndsey perform yet, you’ll want to check this video out and find their LP immediately.

PVRIS are currently on tour with Fall Out Boy and then heading to Europe this April. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with the band so you can say you knew them when. Lynn is also on Twitter and Instagram.