Jae and Nneka go on a second date on “#Blacklove”

This week, the women of #Blacklove are talking about being independent, and how it might be affecting their romantic relationships. The gurus are encouraging them to let go of some control when it comes to their partners, but the women joke that they are the ones working hard while the “hoes” are out there winning. Jack assures them that the “hoes aren’t turning into housewives,” and I’m so glad I found this show. Jae is noticeably silent.

hoe-hwNot necessarily looking to be a hoe nor a housewife

At drinks, Jae shares that she’s stopped waxing (“I was just not with the pain”) and has her hair removed by a laser instead. She is not worried about eventually wanting her hair back if it becomes trendy. “I don’t dress my vagina based on fashion,” Jae says. (Again, I love this show.)

coochie-weaveNot considering a coochie weave

In more important news, Jae shares she has a second date with Nneka, and the girls are happy for her. “I like that. Ya’ll look good together,” Monet says. Cynthia, meanwhile, shares a guy hit her up online and asked for full body photos, and Tennesha announces she’s having a housewarming party where the women can meet her boo, Errol.

Jae is really psyched for her date with Nneka at a place called Spice.

boredNneka also cannot control her excitement.

“Jae’s look when she walked in the restaurant, she was dressed like me,” Nneka says. “And I was like, ‘Wow, we dressed alike. That’s kind of odd.’ But cute at the same time.”

denim-1 denim-2denim-on-denim = match made in Heaven