“Work Out New York” recap (1.5): Pros

This week’s Work Out New York begins with Joe and Noah on another bro date where they are getting mani/pedis and talking about boyzilians. Joe shares some history with us: “Before World War II it was the men who dressed as pretty as possible.” He then refers to himself as a “lion” with a “cool ass mane.” “The lionesses are just bald. They’re boring. They ain’t got shit.” 

ilariousShe’s laughing at you, not with you.

You guys, I truly thought Joe was gay this whole time. I think it was based on the “gogo boy” thing, but I was operating under the assumption that he was family, so I hated him a little less. But now that I know he’s a straight douchebag, I can fully rag on him because he’s the worst of all time.


Speaking of, Courtney and Layla break down their conversations (confrontations) with Joe at Lindsey’s birthday. Despite Courtney and Joe squashing things, Courtney says he still doesn’t believe him. He’s Team Layla.

no-joe“It was all a clever rouse.”

Holly has a meeting with a new exercise app called Radius, and they tell her how amazing she is, but that they obviously cannot work with her because she is already tied up with Nike and FlyWheel and all of her millions of brand associations. (GET IT, GIRL!) So she has the difficult task of naming three other trainers that could do the job. She gives them Courtney, Noah and Lena. “I put my name on the line for them, so they need to crush it,” Holly tells the camera, and I am already prepared for the drama that’s about to go down when Layla does not get the call.

tough-decisionHolly’s best Smithers impression

Courtney goes to meet Layla’s mom, Mama Love, and asks for advice about his shoulder injury. Thankfully she tells him, from experience, that he needs to take care of it before it gets worse. He’s worried about missing work and having a younger trainer come in and take his clients. He’s also not interested in going home to Louisianna to recoup, as he hasn’t talked with his mother in close to a year. (Family drama.) Mama Love says he needs to figure that out, too. FORESHADOWING.

tough-loveShe’s basically the eighth cast member

Lindsey and Layla are planning an event together, but Layla is MIA. Lindsey complains to her roommate Lauren about how she has been doing all of the work. EVEN MORE FORESHADOWING.

aircuts“By the way, I love your asymmetrical haircut.”