“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.11): Five Years Forward, Five Years Back

In her letter, Ali pleads with her friends to give supportive testimony for Charlotte’s release, or to at least talk to her. When Ali tells Charlotte that the Liars are coming, Charlotte is all, “Will they still be mad?” Oh, girl. I think we all know the answer to that question.

unspecified-5Do you think they took my million attempts to murder them personally?

Spencer walks the (two) familiar streets of Rosewood, watching wistfully as a group of teenagers gets a group text. Those were the days.

unspecified-6LOL group texting each other tit pics was the best idea ever!

She goes to meet Emily at the Brew. Did I say Emily? I meant Pills McGee. Aria and Hanna join them, and it’s a joyful reunion, marked only by some awkwardly placed selfies. The Liars catch up, with Hanna thinking about a wedding in Italy, and Emily reminiscing about an Italian girl she once banged. I think this is the girl:

pastawomanI googled Italian Woman and this was what came up. Ugh, of all the times to quit eating gluten!]

Aria teases Emily for taking five years to graduate college, and Emily laughs nervously. Spencer asks her for a tour of the Salk Institute, and Emily is all, “Uh, we’re closed for tours.” I love that this show gave Emily the most secrets, seeing as she’s the worst liar of the bunch.

unspecified-7Yup, I’m studying at the Salt and Lime Institute of Tequilology…I mean, um, science shit

The Liars discuss what they’re gonna say about Charlotte, and how nice it’s been to have five A-free years. Emily goes home to see Pam, who I guess finally escaped that DiLaurentis basement with the other moms. Emily touches the Veteran flag hanging in their window and grills her mom about her dating life.

Across town, Ashley Marin and Hanna are having brunch at the fabulous new Radley Hotel. Ashley Marin has quit her banking(?) job and turned everyone’s favorite sanitarium/lesbian ghost discotheque into a swanky new boutique hotel and bar. Ashley reminds Hanna that she doesn’t owe Alison anything, and Hanna assures her that she knows what she’s doing.

unspecified-8No mom, I don’t think “Go crazy for our prices!” is a sensitive tagline!