“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.11): Five Years Forward, Five Years Back

Back at Radley Hotel, Caleb shows up at Hanna’s door. She is surprised to see him, and it’s awkward. He wanted to make sure she was okay because caring for Hanna is now a conditioned reflex. Hanna thinks that they should have been honest about Charlotte, which would have kept her safe in the asylum. She offers to get him a room at the hotel, but he’s crashing in Spencer’s barn.

Caleb leaves and meets Spencer in the lobby. She asks him how it was, and they leave together. I’m getting some weird vibes here. Are Caleb and Spencer hooking up? There’s definitely something going on. Spaleb? Not sure I can get on board with this.

unspecified-21If you’re living in my barn, I WILL develop an unhealthy crush on you, just FYI

Another day in Rosewood, another funeral. The Liars pull their funeral chic out of their closets and roll into Charlotte’s service.

unspecified-22So are we taking the funeral selfie now or after the service?

But guess who crashes the funeral, in a veil, with a manservant, like some sort of Jenna? Sara Fucking Harvey. She is walking like some sort of Barbie doll/robot and eyeballs the Liars who avert her gaze. Really show, you take Charlotte, but you leave us with Shower Shark? Thumbs down.

unspecified-23When Emily Fields punches you in the face, you need a seeing eye human

unspecified-24I’m made of wax, bitches. And I know everything.

As the Liars walk out of the church, Lorenzo stops them to ask them to remain in town. Turns out that Charlotte was dead before she was tossed off the bell tower, so now it’s a murder investigation. And who would have more motive to kill her than the Liars? 

unspecified-25Well, we really beefed it this time, ladies. Cocktails?

As Patsy Cline starts playing, a tinted window rolls up, and the new A drives away. Or is it B? Second verse, same as the first, y’all. Don’t worry about it girls, it’s just Rosewood.

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Thanks as always to Nicole aka @PLLBigA for her screencaps. I’ll see you at the Radley bar!