“Transparent” recap (2.7): The Book of Life

It’s the holiest day of the year, and Sarah Pfefferman is trick or treating at Tammy’s office. Well, not exactly. She explains she’s here to atone (not to grab Tammy’s candy.)  That’s what Yom Kippur is all about: Atoning for your shit storm of bad decisions, also known as “sins.” You also fast the day before—no eating for 25 hours, no work, just pure focus on atonement—your last chance to make amends. Sarah has high hopes that Tammy will offer in return those sweet words she needs today: “I forgive you, Sarah.”

Tammy Cashman might be “becoming” but she is in no mood for forgiving. However, weren’t Tammy’s drunken displays at the school gala and Josh’s pool party just a tiny bit worthy of apology, too? It’s a moot point, the idea that these two should find resolution ever again.


Over at Syd and Ali’s place, they’re setting up for their break-the-fast dinner party, but it’s clear Syd has something else on her mind. Ali asks if she’s still mad that she went over to Leslie’s. Oh, shit. Syd’s pissed because not only did Ali go, and also spend the night, she didn’t tell Syd she was even going there in the first place.

Ali turns the tension onto its head. She admits she finds Leslie vaguely attractive, posing some alternatives to the quick reaction anyone would face in this situation—maybe they could even be a little turned on by it, she says. “What if we didn’t have this knee-jerk, heteronormative…” she goes on. But Syd stops her right there: “Listen to yourself. Listen to yourself! You’ve been queer for like, 30 seconds.”


Check it: Ali isn’t offended by her newness to queerness. If anything, she sees the value in her wide-eyed perspectives—that being queer is to question everything, to make our own rules, and she, like Ali, is turned on by those infinite possibilities. Sometimes, yes—we get into relationships with women who are on different pages than us. Wild concept, I know. Maybe one came out when they were playing in the sandbox (no pun intended) and the other, a clear baby dyke with wings, just found her queer landing spot for the moment, and she’s hungry to address hot topics that sandbox dyke was gabbing about decades ago. Does this mean Syd should close her door off to Ali’s quest to be truthful, open and brave? The knee-jerk could be everything Ali says it is, but it’s no mask for Syd’s truths—she doesn’t want to be hurt again.

Sarah, having gotten nowhere with Tammy, finds herself over at Dr. Steve’s who is bemused and turned on by her apparently crawling into his window “like a sexy Peter Pan.” She’s like, “Mmkay, where’s your bong?” He treats her to some Lambs Bread, a potent Sativa that Bob Marley favored, warning her it’ll wreck her if she doesn’t slow down.

Sarah? Slow down? She takes a couple of hits and Dr. Steve makes his move, but it’s too gentle for Sarah. She stops him and explains she just really wants more aggressive, “rapist who makes you come” type interaction. Dr. Steve can be a little over-the-top suggestive with his own wordage, but seems really put off by Sarah’s “litany” of requests. So far, Sarah’s day of trick or treating for Yom Kippur has turned up a smug Tammy and passive afternoon stoner sex with Dr. Steve.