“Jessica Jones” recap (1.08): A house is not a home

Jessica clears her head all the way to Trish’s place. She knocks and Trish embraces her instantly. She tells her she has been with Kilgrave. Trish responds in the only way possible, which is to say, “Living with Kilgrave, what the hell?”


She came to ask “WWTD–What would Trish do.” What would she do if you could harness Kilgrave’s powers for good. Trish replies, rightly, that you can’t because of the whole psychopath thing. But Jessica continues and says what if you could if you stayed with him to guide him. What if, by giving up her life, she could change the world. What if she could finally make it right?


Kilgrave is impatiently waiting for Jessica to return, and torturing the help on the side. Jeri texts Jessica demanding she find the dirt on Wendy who continues blackmailing her into a settlement. Kilgrave, who still has Jessica’s phone, intercepts the messages and replies back, “Bitches right? I’m on it.” Aw, isn’t casual misogyny so adorbs? Smiley face emoji, winky face emoji, angry demon face emoji.

Jessica returns to her childhood home, unusually chipper. She has brought Chinese takeout and tells Kilgrave he might be right about the working together to balance the scales business. Then she encourages him, and the help, to dig in. He is wary, but Jessica tries his food to reassure him it’s not drugged.

And, indeed, it wasn’t drugged. The help’s food was drugged. She then jabs him with the knock out drugs, because the Jessica Jones way. On her way out she runs first into Kilgrave’s security and then into Simpson and his commandos. He wants to take Kilgrave out for good, but Jessica won’t allow it–so she flies/guided falls away.

But remember when I said a guy like Kilgrave always has a failsafe? The nosey neighbor walks up to him with a gift bag stuffed with a very explosive present. OK, now I feel kind of bad for the nosey neighbor. For Simpson … eh.


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