“Just Jillian” recap (1.1): Married to the Job

What I wasn’t expecting was how Jillian acted with her fans and how much they love her. During the show, she went on a UK speaking tour (side note: My wife and I attended a speaking tour she did in Detroit, Michigan several years ago and it was pretty good) which meant she was away from Heidi and the kids, aka Heidi was home with the kids by herself and basically going insane.

heidi-phone“I don’t know how to help you, honey.”

We see how superstitious she is before each show, doing the same repetitive things for good luck and the interactions with fans at meet and greets. I was impressed that each fan had something so great to say to her, ranging from her being their motivation, how she helped them through something terrible in their lives and so much more. She took the time to speak to each of them for several minutes and seemed very attentive to them. Of course they played sad music in the background and showed everyone crying when they talked to her and I had flashbacks of those moments on The Biggest Loser and cried right along with them. (I CRY A LOT, OK?)

body-you emotional-fan-2

Once Jillian returns home, she and Heidi decide to have a housewarming party in one of their new houses and invite all their friends over for a night of fun. Suddenly her best friend has an announcement: She wants Jillian to get ordained so she can officiate her wedding. Once the shock of Jillian becoming a reverend wears off (she said she would do it, of course), the tables get turned back to when Jillian and Heidi are getting married. To which she says she will “give it some serious thought.” The end—for now.

Just Jillian airs Tuesday nights on E!