“Arrow” recap (4.10): Anarchy!

My Arrow recaps will continue because Nyssa will definitely be back again someday, but I’ll also be recapping Legends of Tomorrow, following that bisexual badass Sara Lance where’er she goes. So keep an eye out for that recap tomorrow!

Previously on Arrow, Thea set a man who loved the anarchy symbol but hated spelling things correctly on fire (and his name was Anarky), Darhk threatened Oliver’s loved ones when Oliver tried to stop his evil plots, Oliver proposed to Felicity, Felicity said yes, and Felicity was immediately punished for that decision by way of a myriad of bullets.

We return to the Arrowverse four months from “now” but in a scene we’ve visited once before; Oliver and Barry at someone’s grave, Oliver vowing to kill the man responsible.

Just to make sure a healthy amount of fear for Felicity’s life is ramped up to overwhelming, we jump to “now,” where Felicity is being worked on at a hospital that I hope is in no way affiliated with Mercy Grace Seattle West Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital for the Disaster Prone and Over-Dramatic. At the same time, we’re seeing the Green Arrow going ghosthunting, but as usual, Darhk’s Ghosts vanquish themselves before giving up any information.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Laurel comes in to tell Oliver that Felicity is going in for another surgery and that he should go see her before she does, but he thinks she’d rather he get Darhk, so off into the night he goes.

But it’s okay, because not only is everyone else at the hospital, but FELICITY IS ALIIIIVE.

Arrow 410-1“I’m gonna live forever! I’m gonna learn how to fly!” (Possibly literally, you never know in Star City.)

And better yet, she’s smiling. Her energy is turned down to about a 2, but she’s still the same old Felicity, assuring the worried faces around her that everything is going to be fine.

Back at HQ, Diggle goes to find his brother, whose muscles must be nearly atrophied from still being in that damn cage, and starts getting punchy with him, desperate to get answers about Darhk.

Unable to get Ghosts to talk, Oliver goes to Captain Lance and asks him to give up his undercover gig and tell him where he’s been meeting Darhk. Oliver starts to storm out with a hatefire in his eyes, and Lance asks if he’s back to “dropping bodies,” a hint of disapproval in his voice. But Oliver assures him it’s a singular body he’s after.

Oliver goes to the place Lance used to meet Darhk and finds a bunch of Ghosts in the entranceway, already busted. He also finds a big red anarchy symbol, so he knows exactly who he’s dealing with.

And that someone is Manchin, who is after Darhk because he auditioned to be a Ghost and got rejected, and his sensitive male ego was hurt. Well also his face almost got burned off, but that was Thea’s fault, not Darhk’s. Thea and Laurel ask Oliver how he found Darhk’s lair, but he’s too busy to answer questions.

Arrow 410-2“We liked it better when the girls outnumbered the guys.”

Diggle goes home and his wife is like, “Hey, am I ever going to be able to leave this apartment?” Diggle chuckles nervously and changes the subject by telling her how he punched his brother and weirdly it didn’t make him more cooperative. Lyla tells him to calm down and treat Andy like the brother he is instead of an animal in a cage, despite the fact that he’s living in a literal cage. Diggle thanks her for being the smart one, always, and goes off to take her advice.

On the way to the hospital to visit Felicity, Thea admits to Laurel that she’s worried Manchin will be mad about the whole setting-him-on-fire thing. Laurel is supportive and assures her it’ll be fine.

Arrow 410-3This “roommate” situation seems to be going well.

Thea confesses about the time Darhk sucked the bloodlust out of her and how she thought that was the end of us, but now she realizes her bloodlust created an evil villain, so she’s feeling guilty. Laurel tells her they can talk about it more at home in the bed they share and heads into Felicity’s room where she finds her dad and Mama Smoak practically canoodling.