“Arrow” recap (4.10): Anarchy!

Lance tries to sputter excuses about why he didn’t tell Laurel but she doesn’t care, she’s just worried about him now that Darhk is no longer, well, in the dark about him being a mole. Lance is more worried about his daughter because the Lazarus Pit is dried up and he would like his little canaries to keep singing.

Back at the Cave, Team Arrow figures out (thanks to a tip from the SCPD) that Machin’s foster parents’ blood was found at HIVE, and that they have been missing for a few days. They think maybe he’s staying in their house, so they try to do Felicity’s thing to find him—and have a bit of a hard time.

Arrow 410-4 Felicity makes it look so easy…

They get it eventually and go to his childhood home, where they find it in a state even the Gallagher brood would call messy, and all the pictures on the wall have scratched out faces. They hear a TV in the living room and creep up on Machin, who is wearing a burn mask. He’s surprised they’re not Ghosts but is down with killing them anyway. He’s especially pleased to see Thea, who Oliver saves from an automatically appearing gun party.

Everyone hides and I know it’s serious, and they’re being shot at but LOOK!

Arrow 410-5Peek-a-boo!


Arrow 410-6I see you!

Everyone splits up and try to avoid all the booby traps, and eventually Machin gets Thea alone. He starts spewing crazy villain babble about how Thea saved him but Laurel shows up to save the day.

Arrow 410-7CAW CAW MOTHERFUCKERS! (Man, I missed saying that.)

The Team takes him to an abandoned warehouse. Thea says she wants to put Machin—awaymaybe to a prison on an island—somewherebut Oliver wants to know how he found Darhk without Lance’s intel. So the Green Arrow interviews him—violently.

Thea interrupts the interrogation to say that Felicity’s surgery didn’t go well, and Oliver has to get to the hospital right away, so he does.

Diggle goes back to Arrow HQ and apologizes to his brother, and talks to him like they’re actually siblings. Andy fully buys into Darhk’s plan to reset the world, but Diggle says that’s not what this is about. Darhk hurt Felicity, a woman he describes as “better than you and me put together” which is true no matter which characters you insert into those two positions. Except maybe Sara and Nyssa because the two of them together is everything. Anyway, Andy finally gives in and mentions that sometimes Darhk talked about something called Stonehaven.

In the warehouse, Machin calls Thea “Speedy” and watches her struggle to stay calm while he rambles on about his baptism by fire, his phoenix rebirth.

Arrow 410-8Putting the “babble” in “psychobabble.'”Well, and the “psycho.”

Anarky asks Speedy why she won’t just kill him, and she says she can control herself. He taunts her to the point where she has an arrow pressed into his throat, but before she can figure out if it’s a line she’d cross, she hears sirens and splits.

Oliver runs to the hospital, where he finds a fuming Mama Smoak, pissed he hasn’t been there. She tells him that Felicity’s doctors said they can’t fix her; the spinal damage was permanent, and Felicity will never walk again. Oliver doesn’t believe in the word “never” and is distracted by the TV showing news of Laurel arresting Manchin.