“Arrow” recap (4.10): Anarchy!

So instead of going in to see Felicity, he gives in to the call of the green hood and catches up with Machin’s paddywagon. He sets Anarky free and simply says, “Make sure he’s dead.”

Laurel. is. pissed.

Arrow 410-9“I didn’t have that pantsuit pressed for nothing.”

But Oliver doesn’t like it when someone accurately points out when he was wrong, so he tries to compare him setting Anarky loose with Laurel letting Sara escape while she was still feral. The two situations are so different, Laurel doesn’t even know where to start, but Diggle sends her away so he can tell Oliver he has a lead on Darhk. When Oliver calms down, Diggle reminds him that regaining his humanity (and sense of humor) is why Felicity loves him, and he has to be especially careful not to lose that now that Sara is back in the game.

Across town, Thea finds the campaign manager…whose name is…wait, I know this…Will? Jake? Hold on… Alex! His name is Alex “White Bread” Davis. Yawn. Anyway, Thea breaks up with him because she’s not so sure she can control her anger but he’s a Nice Guy so he tells her she’s made of steel and will wait until she’s ready to be with him.

Thea goes to the Arrow Cave to find a cloud of grumpiness hanging over everyone. The tracker on Machin went dead, so they’re at a standstill. Thea tells her big brother he needs to be with Felicity, and having no more excuses and being unable to say no to those doe eyes, he relents.

At the hospital, despite everything, Felicity Smoak is still smiling.

Arrow 410-10A goddess among mortals.

He apologizes for being so MIA, but she understands, assuming he wasn’t on vacation in Bali. Oliver admits that he’s worried that if he had just killed Darhk when he had the chance, Felicity wouldn’t be in this position, but she waves the thought away. She tells him that he can still get out of the whole “for worse” thing, what with her being paralyzed now, but he promises her that’s not why he hasn’t been around. He gives her back the engagement ring the nurse had to take off her and promises he’ll be there for her no matter what.  

Oliver tells Laurel that even though they’re the ones who go out and fight tooth and nail every night, Felicity is stronger than all of them, and Laurel wholeheartedly agrees.

Team Arrow finds out that Machin has Damien Darhk’s wife and kid tied up and busts in. Anarky is all about chaos but this whole “capture me, arrest me, set me free, capture me” thing is getting old. Laurel and Diggle save the family while the Queens tag-team Machin. They have to split up when Darhk shows, Oliver obviously taking Darhk while Thea secures Machin to a tree.

Arrow 410-11She’s little, but she’s big.

Darhk and Oliver fight, but when Oliver says he saved Darhk’s family from Machin, Darhk says that he’s earned a few weeks to live, and implores him to enjoy it.

Thea has the chance to kill Machin but doesn’t take it, and when he gets free and knocks her down, he doesn’t kill her either but runs away instead.

When she gets home, Thea invites Alex over for a drink, saying that he was right, she’s stronger than she thought she was and that she’s in control. THANK GOD SHE HAD A MAN TELL HER. Ugh. Whatever, Thea’s a badass, I’ll let White Bread go untoasted for now.



Oliver asks Felicity if she wants to go to Bali, and Felicity tells him that unless Darhk is in Bali, they’re not going anywhere. Oliver asks her how she got to be so strong, and even though the correct answer to, “Since when are you such a badass?” is, “Since always,” she’s probably on a lot of pain meds and doesn’t have the energy to deal with ManPain Oliver, so she just credits him for her strength.

On the road to nowhere, Damien Darhk cradles his daughter and has a glaring match with his “wife.” She’s pissed he let the Green Arrow go because something called “Genesis” is almost ready, but Darhk isn’t particularly worried.

Flash forward again to four months from now, finally moving past the bit at the graveyard. Oliver gets into a limo, where Felicity sits, dressed in black, stock-still, with tears in her eyes. But alive. She tells Oliver he has to, “Kill the son of a bitch.”

Arrow 410-13BURN THEM ALL

Which is a lot coming from Felicity.

Any guesses as to who is in the ground, now that we know Felicity is safe?

How did you like “Blood Debts”?

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