Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey on the return of Clexa on “The 100”

Last week at the Television Critics Association, The CW hosted a panel with the women of The 100 where stars Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam-Carey joined series creator Jason Rothenberg and co-stars Adina PorterLindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos and Paige Turco to talk about Season 3, which premieres tonight. The conversation touched on some themes of the season (Eliza noted there’s less physical fighting and more “political;” Alycia agreed and saying she’s doing “more talking” this year), and then moved to how the world of The 100 is one where no one blinks an eye at a strong woman in charge.

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“And the same thing goes with the sexuality on this show,” Marie said. “There’s no, like, black or white or gray area in between; it’s just love is love. And people also don’t blink an eye on our show about that either. And I think we’ve really brought that helped bring that sort of movement forward, along with in television, but sexuality as well on TV.”

“I think one of the great things is that it is very reflective of what the audience wants, you know,” Alycia said. “That this show has become something that represents so many different ideas and themes in society that we’re now seeing.  And you’re right, it just has become that.  It never started out like that, and it’s amazing to see, even now to see, you know, this panel’s all women.

“And racially too,” Adina added. “So when a new character comes on, you don’t kind of go, ‘Oh, okay, that person is black; that means that that person and that person are going to get together.’  You just don’t know. What you’ve got to do is just watch and follow along and see what happens.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Alycia said.  “And it’s the fact that it’s not addressed that makes it so powerful because it’s not a like it’s not a deal. It’s nothing, it just is.”

After the panel, I grabbed a few minutes with Eliza and Alycia individually and compiled their answers to the questions below. Some spoilery answers were omitted and will be published later in the season when Clarke and Lexa reunite. (Don’t worry: You won’t have to wait too long.) We’ll also be posting an interview with Jason Rothenberg today to give you more insight into what’s in store for Clexa and co.


AfterEllen.com: You have a love scene with someone that’s not Lexa in the first episode. What was that like to do that with another woman that’s not her?

Eliza Taylor: It was interesting! I think it was cool because Clarke is so disconnected from her usual self that it’s like purely based on needing someone right then and there to hold and to have some sort of connection. She has been living off the land by herself for three months, hunting, gathering, caveman stuff, and needing someone for a night and that’s kind of all there is to it.

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AE: It’s just sexual?

ET: It’s just basic instinct.


AE: When Lexa returns, in its very tense still between the both of you, what kind of hope is there romantically is that a possibility?

Alycia Debnam-Carey: The wonderful thing about Season 3 is that we get to explore is, both characters have finally found a balance with each other, I think. They realize their duty is to their people, and whatever it means to do that they will do. But I think they finally found an equilibrium, and now they can connect in a different way than in Season 2, instead of a balancing act of what is right and what’s wrong. This time, it’s more like the two are still on the same playing field.

2016 Winter TCA Portraits


AE: How well do you think Lexa is acclimated to the grip and the darkness? Is she fully acclimated to the idea?

ADC: Yes, she’s only ever known that. We get to explore the politics and cultures around it, the community. So that says a lot about why she is that way. She’s only known that.


AE: Does Lexa love Clarke?

ADC: You have to find out. Lexa has the very rare opportunity to find someone in the same position, the same age as her.

ET: The great thing is that there is no rooting for the wrong side; that’s what I love about the show. I root for everyone on the show because the great thing about our show is that you understand where everyone is coming from no matter how brutal they go about it.


AE: Is there hope for Clarke and Lexa?

ET: Of course there is! I mean I hope there is. It’s been so nice having Alycia back she’s one of my best mates, we love working together, and I can’t wait for our audiences to see how it unfolds.

2016 Winter TCA Portraits

The 100 returns tonight on The CW.