Caity Lotz on Sara Lance’s big move to “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”

Caity Lotz was one of our favorites on Arrow as the ass-kicking Sara Lance. We mourned the loss of her in Season 3, as did everyone else on Team Arrow, including her lover, Nyssa. And even though they brought her back to life, we were even more thrilled to find out she was being fully resurrected for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The CW’s new superhero squad show where White Canary (Sara’s alter-ego) will be front and center.

LGN01_CAITY_B_2491rphoto by Brendan Meadows/The CW 

We grabbed some time with Caity at The CW’s day during TCA and asked about working with her Legends of Tomorrow love interest and AE fave, Ali Liebert. What was it like to be first killed off Arrow, and then find out you’re going to be brought back in this way?

Caity Lotz: It was exciting; really exciting because I wasn’t expecting it at all. And the idea that it was, like, not coming back on Arrow, but for a new show—it’s exciting to be a part of something from the beginning, and something new and endless possibilities so that was really exciting. It was cool.


AE: We were excited that Ali Liebert got cast as your new love interest. Did you already start shooting together?

CL: Yeah, we already shot! She’s awesome; we shared numbers so we could hang out. She’s really funny, too. We found out we had both dated the same guy. We were like “Weird! We kissed the same guy and now we’re kissing!” Isn’t that so funny? It wasn’t like a boyfriend boyfriend for me, but he is this cute Canadian actor, and he’s awesome.


AE: What’s your dynamic with her like? What are you characters like together?

CL: Well, we’re in the ’50s. Sara was more like forward, like “Hey, what’s up?” Sara is more secure with who she is. Even though back in the ’50s, you didn’t get to do that. So she wanted to be able to say to this girl—who she could tell is not into guys—she could be like, “Hey, it’s OK. It’s alright. You’re not weird. It’s totally normal.” So she wanted to be able to be that for her.

She has this really funny line when [Martin] Stein (Victor Garber) was like, “What are you doing you can’t go up to this repressed girl? You can’t go up and shake up her whole world!” And [Sara] was like, “I’m liberating her! With the possibility of seducing her later.” So it’s kind of a really cute flirtation they have. This season isn’t about Sara finding love. I think Sara needs to figure out her own shit.

AE: How does Sara see herself in terms of her own sexuality? In the first episode, we see her tell a guy that she’s more interested in the girl at the bar. Is she strictly into women?

CL: No, I think she’s open to who the person is. I think that scene at the bar was mostly to get to the guy,  kind of like a “Fuck you!” as much as she can. But I think she’s not into one or the other, I think she’s into whoever pulls her heartstrings.


AE: Is there anything you think lesbian and bisexual women, in particular, will enjoy about the show?

CL: Well, we don’t play it like it’s a big deal; it’s really normalizing. It’s not a big deal that she’s bisexual or that she’s a strong woman, that’s just who she is. I think the cool thing about that is that its just like helping kind of push down some walls and make everything feel normal, where its not “Ooh! You’re bisexual.” It’s just like “Yeah!” Or “You’re a strong woman!” when it’s like, “Versus what?” you know? As of now the relationship is not going to be a thing on this show but hopefully, we will get to see some stuff with that. There’s an option for it to happen. I think the relationship is a love interest, and I think that’s cool.

LGN101c_0100bPhoto by Jeff Weddell/The CW

AE: You know Ali has a lot of fans for her playing a lesbian character in Bomb Girls, too.

CL: I was like, “Hey Ali, you get cast as lesbians all the time, eh?” I always got sent stuff to play lesbians, too.

AE: [laughs] What do you think it is about you—is it your headshot?

CL: I don’t know, I must give that little extra something there! Ali has it too—a little bit of an edge, where you just–I guess it’s an edge. Maybe that’s what it is with her. I haven’t seen Bomb Girls, though, and I would like to.


AE: The superhero costumes you wear on Legends seem very functional. Not too sexy with super cleavage. 

CL: Yeah, this costume covered up my chest. But sometimes I watched Arrow—not for me, but I was just like, “Yeah! Boobs are interesting to look at!” I mean boobs are a pretty picture, you know what I mean? You look at some of the guy costumes, too Brandon [Routh]’s costume is crazy difficult to get into. He has to have a lazy boy chair to get his on. It’s all about what looks cool for sure. My costume is still a corset, so I’m kind of bound by it but can still move around and do some stuff so, yeah!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres tonight at 8/7c on The CW.