“The 100” recap (3.01): Grounder Pounder

Hello, and welcome to the recap of the first episode of the third season of The 100! This is my first time recapping this show andwait, what’s that screaming? OH, THAT’S ME. SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT.

Okay, okay, I promise I’ll be calm and professional. Mostly. I just really love this show and I’m really excited to be writing about it. Especially because the third season, despite its three-month time jump, had all the makings of an episode of The 100: teenagers breaking protocol, Abby blatantly ignoring people and being blatantly ignored, Octavia being the smallest but mightiest, and Clarke being the most badass bisexual of the 22nd century.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with a brief recap of the events that brought us to this moment.

Once upon a time there were people living in space on an Ark because a nuclear bomb sent them all fleeing the planet. Running out of oxygen, they decided to send some delinquent teenagers down to Earth to see if the radiation had dissipated enough for them to survive. Not only was the ground inhabitable because of their ability to metabolize radiation, but it was already inhabited. The Ark kids, lead by Clarke Griffin, and these natives, the Sky People and Grounders respectively, fought and fought and fought until finally they found a common enemy in the Mountain Men. Clarke joined forces (and locked lips) with the leader of the Grounders, Lexa aka Heda aka the Commander, and together they defeated the Mountain Men. Well, actually, together they PLANNED to defeat the Mountain Men. In reality, Lexa freed her own people, betraying Clarke, and therefore, Clarke melted the faces off everyone in the Mountain that wasn’t immune to radiation.

Finally back at their new home on the ground, the Sky People felt at peace, but Clarke needed to roam free and not look at the faces of the people she murdered for time and time again, at least for a little while. So she set off into the unknown, alone.

The 100 301-1*starts singing “Out of the Woods”*

Oh right and two of the Sky People, Thelonious and Murphy went off to find the mystical City of Light and ended up on an island. Thelonious ended up in a mansion with an AI named ALIE, and Murphy ended up in a fully stocked bunker, complete with suicide video.

We pick up there, in the bunker, where Murphy is soaking up the joys of unlimited food and booze — until the bunker seals him in. In a montage of Murphy slowly losing his mind and watching every video in the bunker, time passes (86 days to be precise), and Murphy learns that a woman named Becca created Alie, and her core command is to make life better. And one of the things Alie perceives as being in the way of making life better is that there are too many people.

I’m going to stop right there, because finding out that Alie set off the bombs that ended the world is just about all you need to know of this storyline for now. Plus the “City of Light” is apparently just molly, and Thelonious gave Murphy one for later, then they met up with Emori, the woman from the desert, plus her henchman, and they all get into a boat and sail away, including Alie.

On to the good stuff.

Back at the camp formerly known as Jaha, Bellamy is sparring with Lincoln and they’re teaching their warriors and it’s kind of adorable.

The 100 301-2 *would rather be watching Octavia fight*

Bellamy has a plan to go to Sector 7 to look for more Sky People that might have survived, and Kane gives him a go. He sends him off saying that there hasn’t been an attack since the fight at Mt. Weather, so don’t screw that up. Which is a surefire way to get Bellamy to screw something up.

Abby wakes up from a nap muttering Clarke’s name, as usual, and Kane offers to send out a search party. But Abby knows that Clarke won’t be found ’til she’s good and ready. At least not by Sky People.

One of Kane’s men comes in then and tells them that they received three clicks, which means “she” wants to meet. (But before you start whooping like I did, it’s not Lexa. Not yet. Not this week.)

Monty is ready to go with Bellamy, but Jasper is a hot damn mess and he doesn’t know what to do. Monty is hopelessly in love and unable to leave him behind, so they drag him up and throw him in the truck. Some girl kisses Bellamy goodbye and I want it to be that Grounder chick from Mt. Weather that he promised to come back for but honestly that all happened during episodes where Clarke and Lexa were both on screen at the same time so it’s kind of all a blur.

Then Raven swoops out from under a car and sasses us all back to reality.

The 100 301-3Giving Bellamy snark is the perfect way for her to start the season.

Bellamy asks where Octavia is, but he’s assured by his friends that Octavia would never miss a chance to go beyond the wall.

Bellamy gathers his ragtag team—Monty the Meek, Jasper the Broken, Raven the Wounded and Miller the Mostly Silent—and starts to head out. Luckily the brawn of the team shows up just in time, on horseback, shouting that they better keep up.

The 100 301-4Another perfect entrance.

And out they go, into Grounder territory, and away from the camp they’ve renamed Arkadia.