“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.01): Timey wimey, wibbly wobbly

Hello, and welcome to the first official DC’s Legends of Tomorrow recap! I actually think this is the first show I’ve ever recapped from the very first episode. And, of course, that’s because we already know for sure there will be queerness to enjoy, because Sara Lance was Arrow’s resident bisexual badass before flying the coop to join a new flock. (We’ll see how Canaries and Hawks get along…) We also have confirmation that Betty McRae will be joining us ere long. (Well, Ali Liebert. Probably not actually Betty McRae…time will tell.)

I have no idea what to expect from this show, so let’s dive right in!

We begin in London, in the year 2166. Vandal Savage is knee deep in “The Second Blitz” and the voice over talks of total destruction while Vandal Savage kills a very specific woman and her son, besmirching his father as he does.

The voiceover man turns out to be Rory from Doctor Who, standing before a council of time masters, asking for their help. Rory’s name in this timestream is Captain Rip Hunter, and he only asks the reluctant grumpfaces for a timeship and permission to try to change history.

He swoops out of the room, jumps in a timeship, and asks the AI inside (named Gideon) to take him to January 2016, Star City. He tells his ship he needs to assemble a team of eight men and women. A very specific team. And he collects them, one by one.

  1. Ray Palmer: The Atom

Right before Rip rips into his timestream, The Atom and the Green Arrow are in the HIVE, in a trap no less. They defeat the baddies and receive a round of applause from Rip before he unceremoniously kidnaps him with his light gun.

  1. Sara Lance: Canary

She’s in Tibet, drinking alone in a bar, probably missing Nyssa. A man in the bar roughs up a girl and answers to Sara’s kickass ways.

LoT 101-1“Imagine how hard I hit when I’m sober.”

When she’s done, Rip shows up and lightnaps her, too.

3 & 4: Jefferson Jackson & Martin Stein: Firestorm

These two are trying to perfect their Firestorm gig but are having a hard time getting along. They split up and are mid-fight when Rip lightnaps them.

5 & 6: Kendra Saunders & Carter Hall: Hawkgirl and Hawkman

Kendra and the Koof are also fighting when they’re nabbed.

7 & 8: Mick Rory & Leonard Snart: Heat Wave and Captain Cold

These are criminals we’re familiar with from Arrow, and sure enough they’re up to no good when Rip gets them.

This band of misfits wakes up on the roof, surprised to see each other, especially those who know each other at least a little. Rip swoops in and makes bold speeches to the moon about being from the future and needing their help to stop Vandal Savage.

Sara is incredulous at best.

LoT 101-2Do I smell a crackship?

Rip says that in 2166, they’re not heroes, they’re legends, which immediately piques Ray’s interest. Everyone else is concerned about the whole getting dead thing, but shows them a glimpse of what will come of the world if they don’t help him. And it’s not pretty.

He gives them an address to meet up if they decide to join, and they all split up to deliberate.

Ray goes to tell Oliver he’s leaving, he has no doubt in his mind that he wants to make his mark on this world, even if it’s not in this century.