“Work Out New York” recap (1.7): Exes and Poles

This week on Work Out New York, Holly is leaving a spin class when she just so happens to run into an ex-girlfriend on the street. And not just an ex-girlfriend, but one that she had a “special connection with.” But, as Holly tells the cameras, “Sam was married. To a man.” “Was” being the operative there.

h-nono man here!

Holly and Sam engage in small talk before Holly suggests they hang out sometime.

mhmMaybe we could run a 5k together?

in-the-neighborhoodI’d like that

But Holly says she’s a little iffy about something else: Sam has two kids. Still, Holly wants to know why that scares her and plans on exploring that. 

Somewhere else, Joe is just soooo busy he says. He’s training clients and working on a hoodie design. “I prefer to be in the shadows,” he says. “I want to kind of facilitate the brand behind the scenes.” His brand represents all of the things I would never want to buy: Narcissism, cultural appropriation, and general douchebaggery.

the-hoodie“I know what’s missing in fitness and fashion right now: Hoodies. I’m a genius!”

Lena is in L.A. shooting her first Radius routine, and it’s like a hip Fly Girl thing that I can fully support and am down to try.

radiusthat girl in the back is feeling Lena’s assets