“The Fosters” (3.11) recap: The circus is back in town

Cop guy walks in and hands Stef the results of the fingerprints on the pen. Of course, she has no idea what this is about so when Mike walks in she rips his head off and wants to know what he’s trying to pull. She’s having a week, you guys. They fight over whether to ruin AJ’s life by arresting the only family he has left or to bury the information about who plowed into the twins and Ana. In the end, they agree to wait until after the funeral to arrest Ty.

Fosters 3118 You like Sara Harvey!

Foster advocate, Lindsay Dole, is meeting with Callie and the moms. She has a million compliments for Callie. Callie could be an advocate for the foster community. That sounds nice, but Lena says Callie is a senior, and she needs to focus on school. Callie wants this lady to check up on the kid who talked to her at the event. Oh, Callie, you can’t take in every kid who comes knocking on your door! Surely your moms taught you that. Oh, wait. Lindsay Dole says she will look into it. Glad no one decided to ask if she works for one of those big corporations or checked her ID or anything. Sharon wanders by, again, and Stef wants to know where she’s going. Just for another walk, Stefanie! Nothing suspicious.

Fosters 3119Can they tell I’m thinking about Clexa right now?

Upstairs, Emma and Lexi are laying out their strategy for Mariana’s campaign for junior class president like it’s some kind of choice between old Mariana and new Mariana. Emma wants the picture that makes Mariana look smart and capable. Lexi wants the one that makes Mariana look pretty and popular. I’m sure somewhere someone is having this same conversation with Bernie Sanders. Mariana contains multitudes, you guys. But she pauses long enough for Emma to storm out. Mariana decides that Emma is the best lady for the job and sticks with her.

Upon leaving, the Justina calls someone to find out where Jack Downey has been placed. She is shadier than a Rosewood Cop.

Fosters 31110

Stef is doing some of her own detective work by following Sharon to an RV parked up the street. Turns out Sharon has got herself a boyfriend in the form of Rob Morrow (who, in his little hat, bear a weird resemblance to my older brother). Stef wants to know why Sharon wouldn’t introduce her to this guy and assumes he’s homophobic. Sharon tells Stef to get a grip. She doesn’t date homophobes. She was just worried Will wouldn’t like Stef because she’s a cop, but the sex is so good she doesn’t really care. Oh, this is going to be hilarious. Stef is suddenly 10 years old with her fingers in her ears, so she doesn’t have to hear about Sharon boning the anarchist.

Lena is more concerned about what to do about Jesús. Should they make him go back to Colorado? Mariana waltzes in and says he can’t go back to Wrestling School because he’s flunking out. Worst secret keeper ever.

Fosters 31111God, it’s like we don’t even recognize you anymore.

The moms head up to talk to Jesús, and he tries to give them a song and dance about how he just wanted them to be proud of him. That’s cute, but Lena knows how to use a phone and she checked on his grades. He’s doing just fine so WTF, Jesús? The wrestling dudes are all on steroids, and they made him do them, too. But he hated it, so he came home and he can’t go back unless he’s ready to be on the program. Stef is ready to send him back to Anchor Beach but whoopsie! There’s a waiting list, and he’s not on it.

AJ and Callie are hanging out, talking about his grandma and eating cookies like a couple of normal teenagers. Callie seems to have a penchant for attracting people who want to throw money at her. First her biological father and now this lady. Callie doesn’t think she can be a role model, but AJ isn’t buying it. Jessica Jones is a hero, and she’s dark as fuck! He sees a lot of potential in her. He asks her to come to a comic convention with him. It’s sweet and they aren’t brother and sister so I vote yes.