“The Fosters” (3.11) recap: The circus is back in town

Monte bops into Lena’s office with good news. Some kid left the school to go to military school or something, and they have a space for Jesús. Lena says they can’t give special treatment, but Monte pulls rank and says it’s not up to her. Welcome back, Jesús. You can thank your mom’s inappropriate relationship with her boss for your spot in the junior class.

Jack is playing video games in the living room when Callie gets home. When she asks Jude about it, he’s like, “Life is bullshit, my boyfriend is moving to LA, leave me alone.” Brandon wants Callie to let him know if she is going to be dating anyone, so he doesn’t have to find out from one of the other 57 kids in the house. Callie sings a few bars of “None of Your Business” but agrees. He is, however, cool with not telling his moms about Juilliard. If only Sharon can help him make some money to cover tuition.

When Mike heads off with the funeral director to pay the bill, Ty and AJ have a little chat about an accident that Ty maybe had that almost killed the twins and Ana. Ty has to run away before the cops figure out it was him. AJ can’t believe his dumb luck that his brother almost killed Mike’s extended family. Ty gives AJ a choice of either running away with him or never seeing him again.

The moms are getting ready to go out, and Lena doesn’t feel it’s fair for Jesús to jump the line. Stef thinks Lena has given enough of herself to that school (and to Monte) that she deserves a little something in return. Sharon interrupts this millisecond of mom privacy to tell them that Brandon asked her to magic 7500 bucks into four years of tuition at Juilliard. She’s good, but she’s not that good. The phone rings, and it turns out Sharon decided to get another opinion for Stef on her mammogram. So much for HIPAA. Stef says the doctor wants more tests and it’s clearly just a money making scheme so she’s not going to do it. Stef’s mouth goes on and on about how she’s not gonna do it, but Lena’s face says otherwise.

Fosters 31112 Can you believe she’s in here ruining our sex life, again?

Sharon is taking everyone out to eat (which will cost just under a year’s tuition at Juilliard). They are celebrating Callie’s adoption and Brandon’s audition at Juilliard. Lena lets him know they will figure it out if he gets in. “It’s not all about me,” Brandon says for the first time ever. Will is picking a fight with Mike about the police. Sharon needs a drink, so she sends Brandon to the bar to flirt with the bartender and talk to her about the piano in the corner. Jude isn’t having fun because his cute boyfriend is moving and it sucks. He explains to Lena that Connor is leaving because he doesn’t think his dad will ever change. While Callie extols the virtues of being adopted and how it means she and Jude will never be separated, Brandon hops on over and plays the piano. Bartender girl thinks he looks good there, Callie is ready to go to the comic convention with AJ, and Lena asks Stef to get another opinion on her boobs. Maybe Lena will get in there to take a closer look as well.

Fosters 31113 They’re real, and they’re spectacular.

Lena shows up at Adam’s door to tell him not to give up on Connor. He’s a little offended by the suggestion. Lena clarifies. Don’t let him give up on you, she says. It’s an easy thing to do. People hurt us and we write them off forever. But people change. It can’t erase all that hurt, but I can only imagine all we would have missed out on if my wife and I wrote off every person who didn’t jump at the chance to embrace us. If we turned away from all the people who didn’t get it or thought our love was wrong or a phase, we would have lost so much. It’s not fair to have to forgive, but it’s worth doing.

Callie stops by Brandon’s room to tell him that she and AJ are going out. It’s awkward since they were doing it a few days (weeks? The timeline is never clear) ago. Turns out she didn’t really need to tell him since AJ and Ty are hopping a bus for Arizona.

In school, Mariana is enlisting Jesús to help her put up posters. Lexi beat her to it. Looks like Mariana has some competition for junior class president. Adam stops by Lena’s office for Connor’s transcripts. He tried to get Connor to stay, but it’s too late. Adam apologizes to Jude in hall for not getting it soon enough. They cry and hug. I’m going to miss Jonnor a whole lot.

Back at the house, Jack wants to know if Callie put his name in the Goblet of Fire got him taken out of his house because he got put into a group home and he’s pissed about it. Foster advocate lady lies to Callie about having talked to anyone about Jack. Callie and Mariana don’t realize how shady she is so they give her admin access to Fost and Found. Ugh, you guys! Where’s Emma with her BS meter when you need her?

Fosters 31114CHAIKEN!

Lena, Sharon, and Stef are meeting with a doctor. Doctor’s offices are so familiar. They have that same color palette, all whites and light wood, windows that don’t open, and the smell of cleaner. In a scene we’ve seen on screen and in our own lives a thousand times, the doctor tells them the biopsy shows cancer. They recommend surgery and possibly follow-up radiation.

The thing about cancer is that it’s so damn ubiquitous. There’s not one person who doesn’t know someone who has had it, who has died from it, who does not know the salty metallic taste of fear. I can’t think of one person in my life that hasn’t experienced it. It’s a common disease, but its pervasiveness does nothing to lessen its ability to devastate us. Last year, two women I love very much were diagnosed with cancer. Neither was my daughter or my wife, but I think I have a grasp on what Lena and Sharon might be feeling. I have been surprised by my reaction to each of their diagnoses. My own feelings have shifted from sadness and fear to anger. There’s nothing unique about having friends or family fighting cancer. But it doesn’t have to be unusual to affect us all in surprising ways.

Finally, we end the episode when Callie logs into Fost and Found and find a post asking her if she had sex with her foster brother. Here we go!

Here are a few of our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets from last night’s episode.