“Jessica Jones” recap (1.09): Don’t box me in

Previously on Jessica Jones: Jessica goes back home to live with Kilgrave. I know, I thought it sounded like a terrible idea, too. But then she went all WWJJD, and I liked the idea a lot more.

You know when you’ve been saving up a really, really good burn and then it is finally, finally time to deploy your epicness? Yeah, I bet Jessica feels just like that. She has successfully trapped Kilgrave in the hermetically sealed, sound-proof room. He whines about being lied to. Oh, boo-hoo. Cry me a river. Or, maybe he already did from the looks of the standing water in the cell.


Kilgrave says some awful stuff. Jessica tries not to murder him with her bare hands. Kilgrave says some more awful stuff. Jessica punches the satisfyingly large red button and sends a satisfyingly large jolt of electricity through Kilgrave’s body. Ah, so that’s what the water is for. Finally a truly excellent use for men’s tears.

Trish is dealing with her own man tears, or I’m assuming there are tears there behind all that blood. Guess getting blown up by the nosey neighbor didn’t kill him–just fucked him up badly. Trish is now racing him to the hospital. Hey, did you know they have these convenient and sanitized transportation devices complete with medical equipment that specializes in taking people to that very place?


Jessica is playing clips of experimentations on Kilgrave–and other kids. Is she trying to get to his root? In the midst of interrogating him, Jeri walks in. Kilgrave plays the victim, which is so gross on so many levels. She is appalled by what she sees, which is a bit puzzling. I mean, she’s a successful power lawyer in New York City. This? This is nothing.

Oh, wait, she isn’t appalled by the torture. She is appalled by the poor legal standing which a confession obtained under duress will have in the courts. Ah, that makes more sense. Jessica still hasn’t proven Hope’s innocence and Kilgrave’s assholeness beyond a shadow of legal doubt.


And now the clock is ticking because Hope has been offered a plea deal and only has 48 hours to accept. But that would mean Hope would still need to do about 20 years. Jessica can’t have that, so she leaves Jeri to watch Kilgrave while she goes to get the final piece she needs. Um, isn’t he already in an impenetrable box? So, then, why does he need a babysitter?

We all realize this is a terrible idea, leaving the two of them alone, right?


Jeri is furiously texting with her divorce lawyer about being furious at Wendy’s settlement demands–which have gone from 75 percent to 90 percent of her assets. They trade barbs over the phone all under Kilgrave’s watchful eye. Hey, did you know he can read lips. Yeah, see I told you this was a terrible idea.

But then, even though he offers the tantalizing prospect of making any stubborn problem disappear, she doesn’t appear to take the bait. Whew, right? I mean, dodged a morally ambiguous bullet there, right? Right?