“Jane the Virgin” recap (2.9): Kiss me, you fool

Jane the Virgin has finally returned to us after this cold, dark winter hiatus. Luisa, our special lesbian snowflake, once again gets very little scene time, but she makes the absolute best of it. Is there any lesbian character who has had as much game as Luisa since Shane McCutcheon? Let’s investigate like Det. Susanna Barnett.

Haha, did you think it would be that easy? Patience my dear readers. First, some other major plots!

Jane is now teaching and trying to sleep train Mateo. Little sweetie pie Mateo is going through sleep regression, which means no one in the Villanueva house is sleeping. Jane wants to use fancy, modern ways to gently calm him into sleeping through the night but Abuela suggests letting the little peanut cry his face off like in the good ole days. In typical Jane fashion, she tries a million ways before listening to her wise grandmother. God love Jane for always wanting to be the best at everything. Sometimes, you just have to cry it out, Jane.


So on to the teaching. If you recall, before the hiatus, Jane earned a spot as a teaching assistant, and she’s totally excited to open the world of literature to a group of fresh-faced students. The thing is, she quickly finds out the class she’s teaching so passionately is affectionately referred to as Books for Ballers—an easy A for college athletes.


Jane, being Jane, looks at the bright side of every situation. She immerses herself in college basketball so she can use analogies that will speak to her students. It reaches most of them except the star of the basketball team who doesn’t bother turning in a paper. She gives him an extension, but when he turns in an obviously plagiarized paper, she reaches her boiling point. She learns first hand the politics of college athletics when her boss calls her and asks her to let this whole plagiarism thing slide. Against her best judgment, she decides to give McBaskets another shot.  She even plays an embarrassing game of one-on-one with him, which inspires him to put some hard work into his new paper.


Jane, exhausted and a little heartsick, is still thinking about Michael. When she hears from Xiomara that Michael may have a new girlfriend, she does a little Facebook stalking. FB stalking can never lead to anything good, and Mateo accidentally hits the friend request button on the new lady. Nightmare time! Michael pays a visit to Jane and asks why in the world she would friend request his new lady. He still needs space, and she realizes the only way to do that is to make a clean break. She does the hardest thing ever: she unfriends Michael.