“Just Jillian” recap (1.2): Stamp of Approval

This week’s episode of Just Jillian has Jillian Michaels heading to the Big Apple with her daughter Lu in tow, as well as a few other people in her crew such as business partner Giancarlo, hairstylist/friend Chloe and assistant Nichole. The purpose of the trip is to handle some business meetings, photo shoots and interviews all on the same trip to save her from having to travel as much during the year. 

The episode starts off with Jillian and Nichole heading off somewhere and having to take Nichole’s car, which was littered with trash, to say the least. The outside of the car is no better, layers of dirt and bird shit all over it. Jillian was (of course) not happy about having to be driven around in a garbage truck and while normally I would think “Poor you, you have someone to drive you everywhere,” this time I am totally on Jillian’s side.


Aside from having to ride around in a hoopty, a package is delivered to Jillian’s house filled with clothing samples for Jillian’s clothing line called Impact, and she is not happy with what comes out of the box. Now to me, these look like your standard work out capri pants, but the group has now dubbed them as the pants with the “built-in camel toe” and Jillian is going to be giving them a piece of her mind at their meeting in New York. Those people better. look. out.

Also in this scene: something important happens, so PAY ATTENTION! Jillian tells her assistant Nichole to make sure her hotel in New York is above the 34th floor and to book Lu a plane ticket. 

In order to make sure she never has to ride in Nichole’s car again, Jillian goes out and buys Nichole a brand new car and tells her she only has to pay the exact same amount she has been paying for her piece of crap car, which I thought was actually very cool of her. They made it seem like it was for Jillian’s benefit but I think deep down Jillian just wanted to do something nice for the cameras. I mean, Nichole.

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Before Jillian and Lu leave for NYC, Jillian and Heidi kiss goodbye and this where she lifts up the back of Heidi’s shirt to show off Heidi’s “tramp stamp the size of a tractor.” (Jillian’s words not mine!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.37.38 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.38.18 PM

Heidi is not amused and pulls her shirt down really quickly, and Jillian proceeds to tell us that Heidi was once in a softcore porn video, which not only does Jillian want to see but now the rest of us are Googling. We need to get our hands on that video!

At the airport, Jillian and her crew are in line to check in, and it is brought to Jillian’s attention that Nichole did not buy Lu a plane ticket. Not only did she not buy her a plane ticket, but she failed to purchase any of them a plane ticket home from New York. I honestly thought this was it for Nichole; Jillian was just going to strangle her right there in the airport with her bare hands. Jillian was very angry and definitely showing it, but had a tame response compared to what I was expecting to happen. The entire time this was happening my only thought was they wrote it in for some added drama. I could be wrong. (But probably not.)

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Once they arrive in New York, Jillian and Lu head to their hotel room and much to Jillian’s dismay, Nichole has not only booked them below the 34th floor (!!!), but the only view they see out the window is the neighbor in their bathrobe. At first Jillian just basically starts going off on Nichole but then….Jillian grabs her daughter’s underwear and says something along the lines of this being happiness, because if you are wearing underwear like this, you can only be happy. Still trying to figure out what this has to do with Nichole fucking shit up, but whatever you say Jillian!


Throughout the next several days in NYC, Jillian attends meetings with the people who design her clothing line, telling them she hates the samples she received in the mail and that basically they need to get their shit together. Then she has a photo shoot. Then she has a meeting with Seventeen magazine. Then she has a meeting with a book publisher who has agreed to publish her book. Is anyone else bored and slightly annoyed at this point? I am tired of listening to Jillian bitch about how hard her life is. Literally, it’s all she does.

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We do get to see Lu go to work with her mom a little bit and then spend a whole day together in NYC, which I thought was pretty cute, not to mention Jillian was helping her with her homework. I just would rather see her interaction with her family during the ENTIRE SHOW then hear about camel toe workout pants and her assistant screwing everything up. Yes, her family is referenced here and there, but it’s almost as if they are an annoyance to her and getting in her way.

In the end, Jillian does not fire her assistant. She tells Nichole that she is proud of her, and she understands that the job can be stressful and that she can be hard to work for. So Nichole gets to keep her car and her job—for now.

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Just Jillian airs Tuesday nights on E!