“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.13): Tossed Spaleb and Scrambled Eggs

Spencer comes home to find a distraught Melissa, who thinks the Hollis reporter knows about the incriminating tape she sent Spencer where she confesses to burying Bethany Young alive. Spencer quickly realizes that the tape in question is the Radley one that Hanna deleted (so many blackmail tapes!) and texts Aria.

pll-79Melissa, that’s a terrible skirt, but there’s no need to cry over it

Emily confronts Showers at the Radley bar and demands to know why she’s still in town. Showers plays the victim and alludes to Emily feeling guilty over her hand injury. She even threatens to take her gloves off, which would surely reveal plastic Barbie hands. Great, now there’s a “Showers Thing.”

pll-81Emily is so hard up for cash that her sleeves are about to get repo’d.

Aria, eyes a’ crazin’, barges into Ezra’s apartment to warn him that the other Liars are rolling in to accuse him of murdering Charlotte. She tells him that she will lie for him, because she knows he murdered Charlotte to protect her. Really jumping the gun here, girl. Before Ezra can respond, the rest of the Liars barge in demanding that he confess. Hanna starts yelling at Ezra that she was the one who protected Aria by deleting the tape, and calls him the worst. FOUR FOR YOU HANNA MARIN. Ezra screams at them to get out, and the Liars retreat. He tells Aria that he didn’t kill Charlotte, but he’s not sorry she’s dead.

pll-95I’m wounded!

pll-93YOU’RE WOUNDED?! Bitch, who do you think you’re talking to?!

Spencer goes home to Caleb and we flashback to the Showers Thing. After Emily punched her in the face, Showers grabbed onto the bomb wires and electrocuted her hands. Emily tried to help her, but Ali held her back. Despite missing her entire high school science curriculum, Ali still knows that electricity is conductive. We flash forward, and Caleb assures her that it’s not the Liars’ fault that Showers burned her hands.

pll-102We gonna rock down to electric avenue