“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.13): Tossed Spaleb and Scrambled Eggs

Emily comes home to find Pam on the porch with a comically large glass of wine. She makes Emily promise always to be honest with her (LOL) and assures her she doesn’t have to suffer alone. She then pours her an equally large glass of wine. Cheers to good parenting!

pll-113Me and this large glass of merlot are here for you, Emily

Hanna visits Lucas to apologize for roping him into her nonsense. He asks her if she killed Charlotte and she assures him she didn’t. Since he’s leaving town for work, he gives her the keys to his sweet bachelor pad and makes her dinner.

Spencer and Caleb sit by the fire, drinking beers. Spencer shares her feels, and she and Caleb start holding hands and making out and getting busy on the couch. Maybe it’s Caleb’s inherent lesbianism, but I thought this scene was pretty hot. Guys, I think I’m into Spaleb.

pll-135Well, Spencer never was able to resist homeless men living in her barn…

Liam calls Aria and tells her that their editor loved the pages. She continues to write Ezra’s book, which is a smart choice and not at all messed up.

The Liars all get their first simultaneous A text in five years, but this one is signed with a red devil emoji. Ryan Murphy, is that you? We end on A’s lair, stacked with dolls, a record player, Ali masks, and a case full of black hoodies. Welcome back, bitch.

pll-136Sooo….you’re not calling us bitches then?

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Thanks as always to Nicole aka @PLLBigA for her screengrabs. All the orange juice concentrate for you.