“Arrow” recap (4.11): Someone to Watch Over Me

Previously on Arrow, something called ARGUS was a thing, Andy Diggle was a Ghost, but Team Arrow got him out and has been keeping him in Nyssa’s old cage, and Damien Darhk sent a bunch of men with guns after Oliver, and they ended up paralyzing Felicity.

This episode is split into two threads about being split in two. Diggle’s storyline is about being two people at once; his brother was two-faced, a commander in the army was two-faced, etc. Felicity’s storyline was about two versions of herself arguing, trying to figure out which is her authentic self. In a move that will surprise no one, I am going to focus more on the latter. I just thought that was worth mentioning. I like when shows are clever.

We open with Diggle and Lyla on a date (I’m glad Lyla’s been around more. Stick around, Lyla) when an ex-coworker of hers, Alan, comes running up to them, saying he was compromised, but only managing to get out Waller’s name before he’s kidnapped. But these were no Ghosts…

Back at the Loft, Felicity is nervous about being carried by Oliver but eventually relaxes into her shiny new wheelchair. Oliver gives her the meds the doctor prescribed and yells at her to rest up and get better. Felicity reminds him that she might never make a full recovery, but he says that’s fine; her brain is her real superpower anyway, and that’s mostly fine. She decides she wants a nickname, and she wants it to be Hot Wheels.

Arrow 411-1Hot Wheels, leading the waaaay!

Felicity says that despite her superpower being probably intact, she’s not ready to get back to vigilante-ing just yet. Oliver is ready to convince her otherwise, but Diggle calls to tell him about the attack, so off he goes.

At Arrow HQ, Lyla says that the men who attacked them looked like military men, and they stare at the computers, wondering what to do next. Thea really misses Felicity.  

Arrow 411-2“I even dressed like a sexy lady T-Bird for her today.”

But Oliver tells them Felicity isn’t ready to play yet, so they try other things instead.