“Arrow” recap (4.11): Someone to Watch Over Me

Speaking of Hot Wheels, Felicity decides to take some more pain meds, but she takes a little more than prescribed and starts to hear a voice, mocking her for having a pity party, taunting her for hiding out all alone. Felicity rolls around to try to find the source of the voice but eventually yells at herself for talking to herself —until she realizes just how literally she was talking to herself.

Arrow 411-3“I’m so evil and skanky! And I think I’m kinda gay.”

Across town, Laurel uses sass and a fierce look or two to get Diggle onto a crime scene, where he identifies the body of his friend Alan, who is not only super dead but is missing a lot of blood, some fingernails, and an eyeball.

Diggle and Lyla go to ARGUS for help, but Amanda Waller claims she can’t help them. She shakes Lyla’s hand but is super weird about it, so when they’re on the way out Diggle asks what that was all about. Turns out The Wall slipped a USB to Lyla during that awkward shake.

Back at The Loft, Felicity checks and is relieved to see that hallucinations are, indeed, a side effect of the drugs she’s taking. So she, at least, has a good reason for losing her mind. Emo!Felicity starts taunting her again, saying she’s wasted her lifeher strength, her brains, everything —on playing superhero with her handsome boyfriend and stunning ladyfriends.

In the Arrow Cave, the ladies are doing their best to do some computer magic without Felicity.


On the USB is a logo that means Shadowspire. Diggle recognizes it because there were some corrupt army guys involved in it back when he was in the military. Andy admits to being involved with them because he was different than his brother thought he was. Andy was two people; someone his big brother would be proud of, and someone who looked out for number one.

But it’s all going to work out because Andy can help; he knows where Shadowspire would hide out.

At Andy’s suggestion, they go to something called a freeport (not to be confused with the new name for ABC Family). Laurel takes one look at the high-tech locks and echoes Thea’s earlier statement: They need Felicity. So Oliver calls his girlfriend, and Felicity answers despite (or to spite) Emo!Felicity’s insistence.

Arrow 411-5It’s no Sara holding hands with Cosima, but it’s a start.

Felicity easily hacks into the system and reports back to the Team while Emo!Felicity gags at her helpfulness.

After some typical Team Arrow hustling, Oliver tells the girls to leave. But as soon as they do, Green Arrow gets trapped in a box, and Spartan becomes surrounded. Eventually, Oliver gets out and saves Diggle, and he’s able to report their safety back to Felicity, but her Goth counterpart wastes no time pointing out her mistakes.

When Oliver comes home, Felicity is facing a window, singing the Christina Aguilera version of Mulan‘s “Reflection.” Oliver tells her that everyone is fine and what happened wasn’t her fault, and that if anything it was his for pushing her before she was ready. She says she can’t be part of the team anymore, but Oliver insists she can’t let her injury stop her. But she feels so helpless, so useless. Trapped.

Emo!Felicity shows up and starts teasing her again, talking over Oliver’s speech until finally Felicity can’t take it anymore and tells them both to SHUT UP. Felicity yells directly at her hallucination and Oliver is as concerned as Emo!Felicity is amused.

Arrow 411-6That’s the look you secretly give a sibling when they get yelled at for hitting you when you hit them first.