“Arrow” recap (4.11): Someone to Watch Over Me

Meanwhile, Diggle lets Andy out of his cage in Arrow HQ in exchange for a slightly bigger cage at ARGUS. But he still wants to help; he tells them that if he knows Shadowspire (and he does), the rain guns they found in the freeport are just a distraction, and they’re aiming for something bigger.

Back at HQ, Laurel is boxing with Oliver, because the Powers that Be love us, and she asks if he wants to talk about what’s bothering him.

Arrow 411-7 I wish she had just boxed his face when he started making Felicity’s LIFELONG INJURY all about him and his manpain.

Laurel reads his mind (not hard) and tells him to stop blaming himself. But Oliver points out it could very well be his fault because he messed with the timeline in that crossover episode when they all died, and Barry turned back the clocks to save them. Laurel says there’s only one man to blame: Damien Darhk. She then reminds him that Felicity makes her own choices, even though it’s not super relevant right now, mostly because he’s the kind of guy who needs reminding. And because she’s looking out for her friend.  

Speaking of Felicity’s choices, despite being haunted by The Ghost of Felicitys Past, she’s currently reading The Shining. Which both amuses and annoys Emo!Felicity.  

Arrow 411-8I wouldn’t hate it if this iteration of Felicity somehow became corporeal and stuck around for a while.

Felicity breaks down and asks why the hell her teenage self is bothering her. Emo!Felicity came here to remind her that when her ex-boyfriend Cooper supposedly died, she decided she was going to stop relying on anyone, she was going to make her own choices. But instead here she is, feeling sorry for herself, hiding behind a disguise of blonde hair and glasses. All because she thought she was more badass than she was. And poor Felicity looks like she’s really taking it to heart.  

Somewhere else in Star City, our favorite leather-clad trio is keeping an eye on the rail guns, waiting for Shadowspire to show up.

Arrow 411-9And none for Oliver Queen bye.

But nothing is happening, because Shadowspire is using the eyeball they plucked from Alan to get into ARGUS. While they’re being taken over, Lyla sneakily presses an intercom button, which lets Diggle and Andy down below know what’s going on.

Shadowspire is here for something called Rubicon and is willing to kill ARGUS agents one by one until he gets it. Thus far, Amanda Waller is unmoved.

Diggle has no reception down in the dungeon, but won’t let Andy out of his cage to help. He’s going to use the monitor to signal his team, but his brother says they don’t have time to wait for the cavalry, not if they want to save Lyla.