“Arrow” recap (4.11): Someone to Watch Over Me

Unaware of his current situation, Oliver leaves Diggle a message explaining the lack of action with the rail guns, when suddenly he’s graced with the presence of a goddess on wheels.

Arrow 411-10“I’m a coo-oo-oo-ool riiider.”

She got sick of feeling bad for herself (and arguing with herself). She signed onto Team Arrow because she wanted to help people. Her old self was angry and did nothing particularly productive with that anger except buy more chokers and add more buckles to things that don’t need buckles.

Felicity was pretty proud of her speech, but Oliver is still looking at her with that puppy-that-peed-on-the-carpet look. Felicity echoes what I can only imagine is a conversation she and Laurel had during this week’s Feminists of Flarrow book club/support group. (Most recent book: Know Your Value by Peggy Carter.) Felicity says that what happened to her isn’t Oliver’s fault, it isn’t her faultit isn’t anyone’s fault but Damien Darhk’s. And they’re going to stop him because that is who they are.

Oh and also, the Arrow Cave needs a few ramps.

Arrow 411-11“And maybe I should start wearing motorcycle gloves.”

After politely waiting until the Olicity moment was over, Diggle sends through his SOS from ARGUS and Oliver springs into action.

Waller is staying strong in the face of her dying agents, and Lyla so helpfully points out that Waller will never break just because a worthless human’s life is on the line. The bad guy says in that case, she’s useless and shoots her right in the head.

And now, normally I’d be like, “Hot damn, that was kind of badass, characters with names hardly ever get killed without warning or fanfare or without Oliver being in the room so he could blame himself for their death later.” But really, Arrow? Amanda Waller? A woman of color? When you have so few? Did you learn nothing from shoving Sara Lance in the refrigerator? And actually, while I’m at it, since we don’t recap The Flash, why the heck was a character that was a woman of color in the comics being played by a white woman? Granted, The Flash is the most diverse show in the Arrowverse, but still! That’s not the way colorblind casting is supposed to work! It’s 2016, why can’t anyone get this right?!

Eh-hem, anyway. Back to the action. The bad guy tells Lyla she’s going to get the next bullet if she doesn’t give him Rubicon.

Diggle lets Andy out because now Lyla’s life is on the line, and Team Arrow descends into the trenches.

Arrow 411-12The Team Arrow shots were on point this episode.