“The 100” recap (3.02): The Commander of My Fate

Previously on The 100, Clarke set out on her own to repent for her sins, met a Trader Girl, sexed the Trader Girl, was kidnapped by a pirate, and was hunted by the entire Ice Nation so the Queen could cut off her head and absorb her powers like some kind of Grounder Highlander. Clarke also earned herself a new nickname: Wanheda, Commander of Death.

We open with Bellamy and his team of Arkadians, who are trying to wait out whoever set the tree trap for them. Eventually they realize they’re at a standstill, so they decide to make a run for it. But Bellamy barely has his raggedy head out of the rover before the enemy attacks. We had assumed they were Ice Nation, but when they speak to each other in English, suspicions arise. Then when Bellamy says Monty’s name, a voice chimes in: It’s Monty’s mom. This isn’t Ice Nation, it’s Farm Station.

Unfortunately Monty’s father didn’t make it, but they have 63 survivors. Their leader, Pike, calls them Grounder killers, one and and all. Indra stands there like, “This is awkward.”

THE 100 302-1Shocked she didn’t kill him where he stood.

When Pike finds out that they’re looking for Clarke, he gets excited; she was the best at Earth Skills, unsurprisingly. I bet she was the kid who reminded the teacher they forgot to assign homework, despite the groans she knew she’d get from her classmates, because she believed it wasn’t helping anyone if they didn’t learn. Pike says Farm Station used to have more people, but Grounders got them all; Indra blames it on Ice Nation, saying they’re ruthless (as if Trikru are so full of ruth). Kane assures Pike Indra is an ally, but Pike is unconvinced.

Meanwhile, Clarke is being dragged around by Grounder!Vane when suddenly she passes out.

THE 100 302-2I can play dead! Do I get a treat?

He sort of rolls her eyes at her and stops to get her some water in a river when she springs to life and jumps on his back like a wild, rabid, koala bear and tries to drown him. He decides to take a page out of Wanheda’s book and stops struggling, but turns the tables as soon as she releases pressure. He dunks her under the water and when she is pulled back out, her hair is blonde, her face is clean, and her eyes are open: He’s Ice Nation.

THE 100 302-3“I have a feeling your leader isn’t Elsa.”

Back at Camp Arkadia, Lincoln kisses Octavia good morning, and his hands start to wander, but before he can help her reclaim her Grounder Pounder title, someone approaches. It’s Lincoln’s old friend, Nyko, wounded and stumbling forward on a horse, begging for Abby’s help. Ice Nation got him, because apparently they’re out of hibernation and just going buckwild. Octavia leads them in because she’s the best one. She’s so itty bitty but never hesitates to take charge. She’s what I believe Tumblr would call “smol” but that doesn’t stop her.

THE 100 302-4Even the horse knows she’s the boss.

When they bring Nyko in to see Abby, she’s treating a still melancholy Jasper. Abby and her nurse figure out that Nyko’s blood is special, and can’t receive Sky People blood, even though they thought they were universal donors. (PS. Octavia stuck her lil arm out so fast when Abby said Nyko would need a transfusion because she’s better than everyone.) It’s risky, but in order to save Nyko, they have to take him to Mt. Weather.