“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.02): That ’70s Episode

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Vandal Savage murdered Rip Hunter’s wife and child but since Rip Hunter is a time master he decided to use that to advantage to kill the bastard so he stole a time machine and assembled a team of eight people he hopes he can turn into legends.

We open in Norway, 1975. They didn’t time jump, because they have a lead on Savage, but they did fly to the fjords. Kendra suggests maybe skipping back a few hours and saving their son, but Rip tells them that they can’t interfere with things they do while they’re time traveling because The Doctor said so.

Sara’s like cool great got it, but why Norway? Turns out there’s a meeting of arms dealers and terrorists that they’re going to crash. Kendra kind of smirks and asks, “What does one wear that’s apropos for a party that’s also a crime?” But don’t worry, the Waverider has a special costume creation room because of course it does.  

The three delinquents try to get into the meeting with a stolen ID, but when they run into trouble, the Professor jumps in for the save. Sara is impressed…and wearing a bandana.

LOT 102-1Suddenly REAL excited for all the outfits in our future (past?).

They slink into the meeting, trying to act normal, and also slinking around is Damien Darhk. Forgot that douchecanoe was immortal. Also, as if that wasn’t fun enough, it turns out Vandal Savage isn’t there to buy a new fancy toy…he’s there to sell one.

LOT 102-2I just. Yes.

And of course, in this summit of evil, Darhk is bidding on the bomb that Savage describes as having the power of a megaton of TNT. (I ship DarhkSavage just because it’s an epic ship name.)

Vandal can sense the Hawks and looks around for them, and instead spots a group that sticks out like sore thumbs. Darhk too is suspicious of this group, especially since they outbid him for the weapon of mass destruction. The Professor starts to sass Vandal, accusing his missile of having performance issues, but then he messes up by saying “this era” which might have gone unnoticed if spoken to a normie but was picked up by this clever immortal.

Up on the roof, Firestorm Jr. senses the danger and sends the Hawks in after them. Vandal shouts that the heads of these intruders will be as effective as a Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon, but for a bomb, and chaos breaks out. They all start doing their thing; Atom gets tiny, Captain Cold and Heat Wave shoot their guns, the Hawks spread their wings, and Sara whips out her staff.

LOT 102-3In a jumpsuit, no less!

Vandal is a little confused but pretty impressed. Before the Hawks can get him, Vandal sets off the timer on his bomb and disappears. Before the bomb goes off, Firestorm merges and flies it to a remote location, and when it explodes, they absorb the energy. It works, leaving a big crater but no casualties behind.