“Jessica Jones” recap (1.10): Abandon all Hope ye who enter here

Malcolm is spilling his guts at his support group, which leads to Creepy Girl Twin hearing his confession about her brother. This subplot is one I just can’t invest in, period. There’s so much going on already: Jessica and Kilgrave, Hope and jail, Jeri and Pam, Trish and Simpson, Simpson and those red pills, Kilgrave’s dad and the vaccine, Luke and wherever the hell he went.

But now we have to deal with this. Creepy Girl Twin then goes about trying to turn everyone against Jessica because she is the real problem, not Kilgrave. Sure, blaming the victim. I get it. I just wish I didn’t have to watch it.


Jessica has Kilgrave all tied up and is calling Hope with the good news. But then Creepy Girl Twin leads her mob into Jessica’s apartment. She starts hitting Jessica with a 2×4 and then knocks her out. She finds Kilgrave and takes his duct tape off because, again, Creepy Twin Girl is THE FUCKING WORST.

Can I pause here a second and ask how, even with a 2×4, Creepy Twin Girl could possibly get the better of Jessica? Like, she can stop a moving car. She can fly/guided fall. But, sure, scrawny arms over here can totally knock her out. Sure.


Since we’re talking about people who are The Worst, Simpson shows up at the hotel room where Trish and Kilgrave’s dad are holed up and working on a vaccine. He figures out who the scientist is, and attacks him for creating Kilgrave. In his rage, he pushes Trish, and she bangs her head hard.

He says he’s on meds which are making him all better, but Trish realizes “all better” means “super agro” and makes him leave. But, before he goes, she also picks his pocket and takes his red pills. Smart, dangerous but smart.


Jessica wakes the next morning to a ringing phone. Yes, scrawny arms clocked her out that hard. On the other line is Hope, who is waiting to be picked up at the jail. Jessica tells her not to move because now Kilgrave is loose and no doubt gunning for her. But by the time she gets there Hope is gone and Kilgrave has left a message to bring his dad or “lose all Hope.”

So she arrives at the restaurant, with his dad and his newly finished “vaccine,” to trade. Kilgrave has set up his own contingencies, naturally. Creepy Girl Twin, her idiot mob and Malcolm have all been strung up. Well, that’s what we call learning your lesson the hard way.


Kilgrave is smugly eating pasta with Hope by his side. I swear if it wasn’t for other people Jessica would have had Kilgrave caught and jailed by now. I guess Sartre was right, Hell really is other people. He orders his dad to come to him, which his dad does because his vaccine didn’t work after all. This is all going so poorly.

Hope implores her to kill Kilgrave. But he knows she won’t, because she still wants to save Hope. Hope knows this, too. So she ends it herself. She plunges a wine glass stem into her neck. Well, holy shit, there goes our series hero’s main narrative motivation for three-fourths of this entire series. The show literally just killed all Hope.


But, in doing so, it also freed our hero. And, as she promises, now nothing, nothing in the world, is stopping her from killing that fucker. No, freedom isn’t free. But, damn, does it feel liberating.

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