“Arrow” recap (4.12): Secret Garden

Previously on Arrow, Felicity got shot and landed in a wheelchair (I mean, she didn’t fall into—you know what I mean), Thea’s bloodlust was diminished by Darhk’s magic, but only temporarily, and once upon a long time ago, Merlyn entrapped Nyssa and held her prisoner at Nanda Parbat.

Speaking of Nyssa, we open with a woman bringing food to our very missed assassin. The guard says the prisoner won’t eat anything anyway, but the woman insists that Ra’s ordered food be brought in, so the cell door is open. She has a special message for Nyssa, about a pepper from the garden, which grows strong.  


Nyssa looks inside the pepper and sees a teeny tiny knife, but that’s enough for her. She launches herself out the cell door and her sleeper cells all awaken, the flowers in her secret garden. They fight their way into the Pit Room and Nyssa’s helper says they’ll have taken the mountain before long. But “the usurper” will return, so they’ve gotta stay alert and get to work. And they’ve got to find the Lotus, which isn’t as dirty as it sounds.


In Star City, Felicity is helping Team Arrow follow a burglar, very specifically calling each of them by their code name. Upon Oliver’s request, Thea says, “Thanks, Overwatch,” with delights Felicity to no end.

Arrow 412-3I only like this name because of how happy it makes her.

They fight the burglar, and almost get him, but when Thea has him right on the edge of a roof, she passes out. Oliver catches her in time, but the burglar gets away.

When they get Thea to safety, they worry that Thea’s passing out has something to do with her bloodlust. Oliver starts to kick himself, as per usual, and Felicity states how amazing it is how he manages to make everything about him. Diggle even agrees, calling him the Guilt Arrow.

Arrow 412-4“There are too many guest stars in this ep for me to get much screentime, BUT I AGREE.”

While they figure out what’s wrong with Thea, life must go on, so Felicity heads to Palmer Tech to practice giving a presentation. She’s clumsy and nervous and knocks over a podium with her wheelchair—it’s awkward. Curtis tries to be encouraging, but Mr. Board Man asks him to leave. He tells Felicity that when they give this presentation, they need to be—and I quote—putting their best foot forward. Which, rude. (But also I’ve totally been there; you never make a joke about a man with no hands until you’re standing in front of one, amiright?) Board Man says Palmer Tech is on the verge of bankruptcy, and thinks someone else—maybe someone not in a wheelchair—should give the presentation. Not used to this new discrimination, Felicity is rendered uncharacteristically speechless and agrees.

Arrow 412-5I’m obsessed with Felicity in this dress, though.