The Huddle: TV Couples We’re Most Like

This week I posed the question to our writers: What TV pairing are you and your partner most like? Here’s what they said:

Bridget McManus: I think my wife and I are like Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation. We are super dorks, we care about the environment, we are OBSESSED with each other, and we love waffles! We might actually be Leslie and Ben. 


Erin Faith Wilson: I think my wife and I are a lot like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. She is always doing something or saying something so crazy (me), and Ricky is continually trying to figure out why the hell she does half the things she does (my wife). They are madly in love, yet at times, they drive each other insane.

lucy and ricky

Chelsea Steiner: My fiancee and I have been together almost seven years, and logging that kind of relationship time leads to an ESP-like level connection and understanding. When we started dating, I saw us as more of a Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother, but as the years pass I realize we are totally Marshall and Lily. That’s love, bitch!


Lianna Carrera: I’m pretty sure my partner and I are like Tim and Jill Taylor from Home Improvement. I am for sure Tim the Tool Man Taylor, King of the DYI mishaps and also misquoting life advice that I got from the neighbor while being the center of my own show/life. Trish is Jill, who is sassy and confident with a killer sense of humor and way too hot for Tim.


Trish Bendix: I see us as more of a Rogelio and Xiomara (Jane the Virgin). A typical Friday night:

jtv_ch11_xo_ro_pizza_1 83880c10-be6f-0132-9a56-0e01949ad350

And maybe a Monday morning:


BTW, I’m the Xiomara.