“Jessica Jones” recap (1.11): One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small

Previously on Jessica Jones: Each week I should just write, “And then it all went to Hell” here. Because, really, that’s what has happened. Kilgrave escapes. Hope kills herself. Jeri gets slashed. Pam accidently kills Wendy. Simpson on-purpose kills the detective.

We start hazy in a flashback of Jessica’s own haziness post her family’s accident. She is in her hospital bed reliving the crash and waking to the voices of a young Trish and her mom arguing about taking Jessica in. You see it wasn’t one of those goodness-of-their-hearts things, but as Trish’s Machiavellian mom explains a way to rehabilitate the image of the young star (then known as Patsy). A barely awake young Jessica overhears them callously talking about her whole family’s death while they’re waiting for a photo op. When they see she is awake Trish’s mom says not to worry, because, “Patsy is going to save you.” Alex, we’ll take “Unwanted Savior Complex” for $1,000, please.


Back in present day, Jessica is covering Hope’s blood-soaked body. In the background, the idiot mob (plus Malcolm) are sputtering and screeching about their suicidal ordeal. Creepy Girl Twin is still angry at Jessica because she apparently isn’t one of those people who learns by experience. Jessica gives everyone a cover story about Hope voluntarily killing herself to explain away the unexplainable to the police. If they don’t all play along, she won’t be able to leave and rip out Kilgrave’s throat. Luckily, everyone goes along–even Creepy Twin Girl. I know I harp on her a lot, but at least, for now, she is actually making some sense. Mental illness is terrible.

Jessica meets up with Trish, who tries to comfort her about trading Kilgrave’s dad, Albert, for Hope. Jess says he is dead anyway and sets out to find his body. She is convinced he will be one of the John Does who comes into the city. So they go on a dead Albert chase around city morgues. This involves some sweet talk and bribing morgue attendants with upscale restaurant reservations. Good thing Trish speaks French. Also, you know, hot.


But the search yields nothing. So Trish and Jessica share a romantic heart-to-heart underneath a lit bridge in the middle of the night. Fine, it’s more like a “we’re grasping at straws here and need some rest” heart-to-heart, but the setting looks straight out of a rom-com.


But Jessica doesn’t go home, she keeps searching through until the morning stopping only to collapse from exhaustion when she hits a dead (Puns! Puns!) end. When she awakes, she sees a man in a purple suit walking away. She gives chase, only to be hit by a car. But don’t worry, she is fine – OK, relatively fine. And it wasn’t Kilgrave anyway. Just another reminder that no matter how many times you knock Jessica Jones down she’ll pick her skinny jeaned butt off the ground and keep going. Just consider her the Energizer bunny of superheroes.