Viola Davis wants Annalise’s bisexuality to be treated with respect on “HTGAWM”

TGIT returns on ABC tonight with the triple-header of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. All three Shondland shows have been favorites with the LGBT crowd for their diverse casts, progressive storylines, and colorful characters, but it’s Viola Davis as Annalise Keating that had us excited last season when it was revealed she has had a romantic relationship with a woman in the past. And fortunately, that relationship continued into the present.


Before mid-season break, Famke Janssen guest starred as Eve, who had her heart broken by Annalise while they were both at Harvard Law. After Annalise recommends Nate call Eve to represent him, the two old flames rekindled their relationship, though it maintained much of its on-and-off again status, in true Annalise form.

“I loved it. I loved the relationship,” Viola told AfterEllen at the TCA Winter Press Tour. “It was the first time that you saw another side of Annalise; a soft side, a vulnerable side, an emotional side. And there was something so natural about it. And I just thought it made sense because I think in Annalise’s life, she just migrates toward anyone who shows her love. And I’m interested to see how this relationship develops.”


In a recent EW interview, out showrunner Pete Nowalk explains how flashbacks will include Eve, and what we’ll see from their past together:

“Well, 10 years ago, she was married to Sam, so Eve definitely plays a big part in the mystery of what happens with Christophe. But she’s left Eve at that point and been with Sam for a while and is married to Sam. We’re going to see what their relationship was like 10 years ago when the pain was more raw. Annalise left Eve and then took up with Sam. We’re going to see how they’re both coping then, which is kind of fun because we’ve seen them heal 10 years after that. I like that we’re telling the story a little bit out of order.

…Once you see all the story put together, you’ll see that it’s almost like the wounds within their relationship pale in comparison to what happens. They have to put their personal problems aside because other bigger, much more serious things happen.”


Should Annalise survive everything else (including, you know, being shot), there is a chance that she could find herself in a future with Eve, Viola says, as she told us she wants to see where that romance could go.

“I’m encouraging Pete to develop it the way he develops any relationship,” Viola told us. “And he’s completely open to that, and I’m telling you, people really responded to it.

How To Get Away With Murder returns to ABC tonight at 1opm ET/PT.