“Black Sails” recap (3.04): Right hand (wo)man

Previously on Black Sails, Eleanor got kidnapped by Rogers but then proved to be an asset, Max and Anne split up their shares of the Urca gold and said their goodbyes, Rogers sent Hornigold to Nassau to offer everyone pardons in exchange for letting him peacefully invade the island, and Flint’s crew became stranded on desert island that wasn’t so deserted after all.

Unaware of the current inhabitants, Flint’s crew starts to set up camp on the beach of the island they landed on. Flint brings Silver water for his stump, still aching and probably infected. Flint and Silver talk about what’s next, and Silver gives his theory: If Hornigold had an infinite number of pardons for the crew, chances are Nassau is being overtaken as they speak. Silver thinks they should be prepared to return to war, but Flint thinks it’s probably already over.

Before the men can get settled, the island residents appear, and not exactly as a welcoming committee.

On Rogers’ boat, Eleanor goes to see him in his office. He tells her that he has assembled the best group of advisors money could buy, but she has proven to be invaluable.

Black Sails 304-1“No shit, Sherlock.”

About half of the men on the island have accepted the pardons by now, and soon he’ll be able to get to work on the island. But he needs someone by his side. A Senior Councilor. And she is the obvious choice. She’s smart, and she gives zero fucks. If she knows she’s right, she’ll shout it from the rooftops. She asks if he’s worried about what his others advisors might think, but he doesn’t care. Neither does she, obviously, so it’s agreed.

Black Sails 304-2“Manipulating you is proving to be even easier than puppeteering pirates.”

On Nassau, Vane, Jack and Anne are holed up in the fort. Men are banging on the door, yelling at Jack to stop hoarding the bounty, begging him to give Vane over. Jack eventually gets fed up and opens the door and shoots the loudest one. Anne is confusedwhy is Vane the only one on the entire island not offered a pardon?

Black Sails 304-3“And how am I the first one to wonder this aloud?”

No one knows, but Jack knows one thing: They have to GTFO. And fast.