“Jessica Jones” recap (1.12): Tender is the night, except the opposite

Previously on Jessica Jones: Trish and Jessica reveal their bond, past and present. Luke reveals his flame resistance, mostly present. Simpson reveals his assholery pretty much always.

So Luke has been Kilgraved to blow up his own bar. Jessica grills the still stunned and singed, Luke on what else Kilgrave told him to do. But he insists it was just the kaboom. The only good news is that Kilgrave apparently doesn’t know about Luke’s unbreakable skin, and the authorities don’t know the bar was his–so he goes into hiding with Jessica.


Well, hiding is a bit of a stretch. They just go to her place with its broken Carl and smashed walls. So much for your security deposit. Amid the shambles of their lives, they figure out one thing–Kilgrave can’t control Jessica anymore because of Reva.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact Kilgrave is also keenly aware of. He has been using his not-so-dear old dad to help increase his powers. But they aren’t increasing fast enough for his liking. Granted, megalomaniacs never think they have enough power.


Jessica hears from Trish, who is at the hospital and doing a much better job remembering how to breathe. She has been asking around about Simpson’s doctor Koslov. He works for a company called IGH, which is an acronym for “I Grow Hostile” when I take the red pills. Fine, it’s not–but it should be. It’s actually a shadowy corp. with no known background.

Next, in a segment about admission and forgiveness, Trish’s mom comes to deliver flowers in the hospital. She lays on some underwhelming guilt about not being given another chance to be a good mother. Trish asks her to leave. Back at Jessica’s place, she tells Luke he could leave and never have to worry about Kilgrave again. But he tells her that’s not the kind of man he is. So he leaves with her. Juxtaposing narratives, yo. 


They run into Malcolm, who is also leaving–but for good. He says he has had enough of the “loneliness” he feels around her. It’s harsh, but probably not wrong. Actually, I’m OK with this. The less people around, the less potential for collateral damage. Look, you have to be pragmatic when you’re dealing with a psychopath intent on personal destruction.