Maura Tierney and Mae Whitman to star in “Parenthood” pilot

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the Ron Howard movie Parenthood. A comedic 1989 film about an extended family had something for everyone — an angsty teen daughter, a frustrated and underpaid father, a slacker boyfriend who overused the word “dude.” They’re all there.

The film (which starred Steve Martin, Dianne Weist, Keanu Reaves, Martha Plimpton and a young Joaquin Phoenix, among others) was nominated for two Oscars, rare for a comedy, but deserved for one so well-written and casted. It’s no wonder that TV writers have been trying to apply the magic for a regular series. The first attempt was in 1990, with a cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, David Arquette and Thora Birch. One of the writers on staff was Joss Whedon — so how did this go wrong? It’s hard to be sure since I can’t even remember hearing about it, much less seeing it.

In 2009, NBC is giving it a go, and has announced some of its cast. In the vein of the original film and TV series, things look to be star-studded. Maura Tierney has been cast as a single mother.

Peter Krause (Dirty Sexy Money) will play father to Sarah Ramos (CW’s Runaway). Arrested Development‘s (and upcoming Scotty Pilgrim star) Mae Whitman will raise hell as Tierney’s unruly teen daughter.

It sounds great already, and I hope this one doesn’t end up on Brilliant But Canceled. It actually sounds similar to Arrested Development, which can’t be a bad thing, as long as people watch it while it’s on air.

Are you a fan of the Parenthood film? Will you watch Tierney take a turn as a single mom of a crazed teen?