“Jessica Jones” recap (1.13): Holding out for a hero

Previously on Jessica Jones: Kilgrave is bucking for more power. Luke is under Kilgrave’s power. Jessica has to use the power of a shotgun to stop Luke.

Jessica drags Luke into the ER. He is unconscious, but with a lot of brain swelling. Unfortunately, this whole unbreakable skin thing makes rendering critical aid nearly impossible. Jessica realizes this, as the nurse breaks needles on his skin. So does another interested nurse. Another nurse, who fans of Daredevil will most definitely recognize, also takes notice.


The nurse is Dr. Claire Temple, played by Rosario Dawson. She has a knack for patching up superhero types. So she steps in and tries to do just that. After breaking a drill bit on his forehead, the doctor realizes he is “one of those.” The cops show up, and Jessica realizes they have to go.

She asks Claire to help or get out of the way. Claire chooses to help because we all know this isn’t her first Marvel universe rodeo. She also tells Jessica not to blame herself, because guilt makes you do stupid shit. So Jessica blames her for everything instead. And just because they’ve grown so chummy so quickly, Jessica has her take Luke to her apartment.


Jessica has to take a call first. A random nurse passes her the phone and, big surprise, it’s Kilgrave. Not to cast doubt on her decision-making, but at this point shouldn’t she just stop taking calls from that homicidal fucknut? Kilgrave is actually in the building now, and his powers transfer over the phone. If it’s a virus spread via contact, I’m not sure how that is even possible given the laws of physics. But, whatever it’s the last episode, I’m just going with it.

They have some hate chit-chat about how much they want to watch each other die. He runs off and Kilgraves people as he goes. First a pistol-packing security guard, then the entire damn hospital. Oh, by the way, his powers also transfer over the TV now. Yeah, I don’t know why. But does this mean we’re one step closer to me being able to pull a fresh pizza out of my TV set? Because then I’m more OK with it.


Jessica escapes relatively unscathed, except for the huge scalpel slash on her thigh. She returns to her apartment where Claire is being like some incredibly hip Florence Nightingale. But Luke is mid-seizure–and straddle. And it seems the only way to save him is to bypass his unbreakable skin which leaves–drumroll please–his optic nerve. Yeah, that means his damn eye. I hope you weren’t eating during this scene because ew. Ewww.

Claire, who is seriously like a medical professional angel form above, notices Jessica’s leg wound and offers to patch her up. Actually, she instructs her to “take off your pants.” Jessica gives her a look and replies, “I usually like a little more romancing.” Then she makes a crack about Kilgrave’s name and suggests he just call himself “Snuffcarcass” instead. Aw, man, now I wish Claire were sticking around in the Jessica Jones universe instead of following Luke to his. 


Claire confesses her own time working with one of the good guys. And how he wasn’t always sure he was one of the good guys, but he kept trying anyway. She even offers to bring him in as backup. But Jessica declines, because she doesn’t want to risk getting anyone involved and/or controlled. The one thing she knows for sure is that she has to kill Kilgrave herself.