“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.17): The One Where Emily Almost Gets Run Over

Wow, folks, they are really putting Emily through the mill this season. While everyone else is off planning weddings, enjoying fashion montages, and kissing hobos, Emily is egg-robbed and almost run down by a monster truck. The good news is, it can’t get any worse…right?

pll1This looks just like my hotel room from Dinah Shore

We open with Ali, Hanna, and Emily sneaking around Sara’s abandoned hotel room. In addition to smearing coleslaw on the floor and tossing gloves everywhere, Sara has also patched up the giant hole in the closet like she’s some sort of masonry wizard. The Liars are interrupted by the maid service and duck into the closet, narrowly missing the silly-putty face of the maid, who is clearly A in a mask. How is nobody noticing that Rosewood’s service industry now resembles Freddy Krueger? 

pll3I’ve got to break out of this closet: lesbian powers, activate!

Over at the Spaleb Love Barn, Caleb has corrupted Veronica’s medical file so her information can’t be leaked. He also knows that Spencer needs protein in addition to her coffee and fingernail habit, and they get busy smooching. Emily walks in and is all “ugh straight people!” before trying to convince Spencer to break into Sara’s Radley hidey-hole. Spencer tells Emily to relax, which is pretty messed up considering A has Emily’s genetic material! Spaleb tells Emily about Melissa’s suitcase, but Emily has to go register for classes at Hollis and try to keep her sanity.

pll5Stop making out, you’re burning my retinas!

Aria and Liam discuss how to handle the whole ghostwriting sitch, and Aria agrees that she has to come clean with Ezra first. Snooze.

A newly unemployed Hanna has decided to help Ella plan her wedding and has brought/stolen a bunch of fancy dresses for her to wear. Apparently Ella’s first wedding to Byron was in a barn, so they’re hoping to class this one up a bit. Little does Ella know that rustic barn weddings are all the rage. She asks Hanna what she’s wearing, but Hanna hasn’t planned her wedding yet because…she isn’t excited about marrying Blanders McHandsomeface?

pll6What are you wearing to your wedding?

pll7My what now?