“Arrow” recap (4.15): Take a Stand

Previously on Arrow, Oliver found out he had a son but had to lie to everyone about him, Merlyn told Darhk about said son, and Curtis made a biochip that he hoped would help Felicity walk again.

We begin in physical therapy, where instead of trying things like toe wiggling or knee bending, they decide to stand Felicity up and have her try to take a step. She’s super nervous because she really wants this to work.

Arrow 415-1You can Salmon Ladder without your legs…

She goes to take a step but ends up falling back into her chair. Curtis’s husband tells her that when he first met Curtis, he was injured while training for the Olympics, and cared more about progress than the most important thing: healing. She just needs to give it time.

On their way out, Felicity confesses to Oliver that she knew it was a long shot, but she still feels disappointed. And feels a little silly being sad. She wanted to walk down the aisle and knows that it’s not a thing that’s really worth getting all that worked up about. The moment earns them some slow claps from the darhkness, and in walks Damien himself.

Darhk issues Oliver a final threat. He has Oliver’s son, William, and if he ever wants to see his son alive again, he will resign from the mayoral race at 6pm on Friday.

After Darhk leaves, Felicity asks who William is, and Oliver confesses.

Arrow 415-2“Please tell me you mean he’s bright like the sun…”

Felicity is so mad that he lied. Again. Haven’t they been through enough? Hasn’t lying gotten him into enough trouble? She literally couldn’t care less that he has a kid. But a SECRET kid?! No. Oliver says that the boy’s mother made him promise, but Felicity is like HOW WOULD SHE EVEN KNOW IF YOU TOLD ME. Besides, Darhk found out anyway, so that point is moot.