“Arrow” recap (4.15): Take a Stand

Lance says that he’s seen an idol in Darhk’s lair, and goes off to draw it for Vixen so she can help identify it.

Oliver holds his press conference and resigns, telling his constituents to support Adams instead. Afterwards, he apologizes to his campaign manager for dropping the election without so much as a fake reason.

After everyone clears out, Oliver apologizes again to Felicity, saying he should have let Felicity meet him, and should have kept William close to protect him, instead of pretending he didn’t exist to protect him—even though he’s kept Felicity as close as it gets and she still wasn’t very protected.

Arrow 415-9I’d like to submit the wheelchair for evidence.

They figure out that in order for Darhk’s idol to work, he needs to be near the ley lines that run under the city. Samantha doesn’t understand why Darhk hasn’t given William back yet; they paid their ransom, and Vixen tells Oliver he can’t blame himself. Oliver says that’s literally all he knows how to do. He also knows that Darhk has a history of not following through with deals he strikes. Vixen also tells Oliver that he overheard what he said to Felicity (owl ears) and says that he was wrong; letting William go is the better plan, not bringing him closer.

Arrow 415-10“Please end this stupid storyline.”

She grew up in a foster home, wondering about her past, but now that she knows the truth, she’s glad she didn’t find out when she was little. It’s too much. The best thing he can do for William is let him have a normal, vigilante-free childhood. Because sometimes parents have to make the tough choices for their kids.

Thea interrupts them because Felicity has a possible location for Darhk. As if on cue, Darhk calls Oliver and gives him a time and a place to get William—a different place than Felicity thinks Darhk’s totem is. So they have to choose: Go after William, knowing it could be a trap, or go after Darhk’s totem and try to cut him off at the pass.

Oliver gives Samantha the choice, and she basically tells him to do both.

So the Team heads off, with Vixen flying, Diggle sniping, and SpeedyCanary on a the same goddamn motorcycle.


Vixen flies in to fight Darhk and uses the speed of a cheetah to grab the totem and GTFO. One by one the rest of the team goes in to fight Darhk, and he has them all in a magical chokehold while Vixen tries to smash the totem. It takes her an entire menagerie but eventually she smashes it, and Darhk is rendered powerless.