“Arrow” recap (4.15): Take a Stand

Oliver knocks Darhk out and nods at William, lingering just long enough to be sure the police are close enough to get him before slinking back off into the darkness.

Lance reunites William and Samantha at the station, and William tells his mother that he’s over The Flash and wants a Green Arrow action figure instead. She thinks that idea is just swell.

Arrow 415-12“Now I’m going back to my wife, Amanda Rosewater.”

Lance tells Oliver that Darhk isn’t the one who actually snatched William, but that it was a man missing a hand. Thea. is. PISSED. Not only did her father choose the League over her, he lied to her face again, and kidnapped her nephew.

Oliver goes outside to thank Vixen for her help, and she reminds him how grateful she is that her biggest problem growing up was that she didn’t know who her parents were, and not that magic and evil existed. She says that’s the gift in itself. She calls herself a badass and he can’t help but agree, thanking her again for her help.

Arrow 415-13Come back soon, Vixen!

Thea goes back to her apartment to find Merlyn there creeping as per usual. She says he’s a liar, liar, stump on fire and that she’s 100% done with this twisted father/daughter relationship. He says that he saved her life, that he made her who she is, and that he doesn’t care what she thinks or wants, as long as she stays alive. (Scene not pictured because Thea is wearing the most hideous blazer I’ve ever seen.)

Back at the Olicity Loft, Oliver makes a video for William for when he turns 18. Felicity overhears and wants to talk to him, now that the storm has settled, and she’s had time to think about this humongous lie. She starts by giving him back his engagement ring.

She says she understands why he lied, but she still doesn’t think it was okay. Marriage is about partnership; unconditional trust, and she doesn’t think he’s ready for that. While she’s talking her foot twitches, and for the first time in months, Felicity Smoak stands.  

Arrow 415-14Rise up.

And she walks right the fuck out the door. She doesn’t even smile. She hasn’t used her leg muscles in weeks, but she just stands up, turns round, and walks away, never stumbling, never faltering, never looking back.

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