“Just Jillian” recap (1.6): Who Called the Strippers?

The next day the gang heads to Universal Studios in Orlando and Giancarlo is there. He apparently “invited himself” to Universal because he loves roller coasters, however, the entire time he is there he is only talking about business with Jillian, and it’s driving me crazy. Jillian asks  Heidi’s mom if she wouldn’t mind watching the kids for a couple days so she and Heidi can drive down to Miami to spend time alone together. When Heidi’s mom agrees, Jillian is pumped and runs off to tell Heidi. Heidi reminds Jillian that every time they go somewhere, Jillian ends up working, and it bothers her. Jillian says not this time.

…That is until Giancarlo finds out they are headed there and basically bullies Jillian into making her go to their Miami headquarters to say hi. He says they will be upset if they find out she was in town and didn’t stop in. Guess Heidi was right!

Giancarlo holds a meeting with the Miami employees and asks if anyone has any questions for Jillian.


Not ONE PERSON had a question for her. Instead, everyone was frozen in their seats. Jillian asks, “Who here is afraid of me?” which only makes it more awkward. Giancarlo then tells her that he set up a team bonding event. Heidi is going to freak out. The team heads to a trampoline park to play dodgeball, and I am actually jealous that they get to throw things at their co-workers and call each other names. Jillian, of course, holds nothing back and is, once again, terrifying.