“The Fosters” recap (3.16): Stefing up 101

Previously on The Fosters, Jesus went looking for his birth dad only to learn that Gabe is a sex offender and doesn’t want anything to do with Jesus because he values his freedom. Mariana won the role of Juliet in Brandon and Mat’s “rock opera.” Callie picked a fight with Rita over the foster care bill and smooched AJ. Monte helped mini-Lena, aka Sally, with her senior project, and Jude was inexplicably missing, and no one seemed to notice.

Fosters 3161Those who can’t do, teach amirite?

The dream kitchen, breakfast time: Stef freaks out when Mariana almost spills on her emotional intelligence class materials. Everyone assumes Stef is taking a class to help her stop Stefing up all the time, but no the jokes on them because she’s teaching the class. Brandon shows everyone the poster Mat designed for their play and everyone oohs and ahhs over it. Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there because Mike is out of town, so AJ is going to be staying over. Callie tells the moms that she and AJ are kinda dating. The moms look at each other like “Can this child not find a boy to date who isn’t family or family-adjacent?” For a straight girl, Callie sure likes to date in her friend group like a big old lesbo.

Jesus doesn’t have a first-period class, so he takes advantage of the empty house to mix some of his moms’ vodka with OJ. He puts some water back in the vodka bottle and skips off to class. At school, Callie and Brandon have a typically awkward discussion about how they are dating other people now, it’s no biggie or whatever.

Steve Sanders wants to know if Mariana is still mad about the drag racing and almost getting them killed. She is. She calls him a douche and tells him he has no emotional intelligence. Mariana is truly the best. Remember when she was terrible? Character development for the win!

Foters 3162Appropriate? You keep using that work. I do not think you know what it means.

Lena and Monte are meeting in Lena’s office. Is it weird that they meet in there? Doesn’t the principal usually trump the vice principal? I assume that Monte likes the role reversal or something. Anywhoodle, Lena makes a snarky remark about Monte getting the plants donated for Sally and Monte says, “I am totally backing off, so there are no indications of me doing anything wrong.” We’ll come back to that later. She has no problem with Brandon rehearsing in the auditorium but, some people have a problem with Romeo and Juliet.

Aj is a gentleman of multitudes. He has layers, like an onion or maybe a parfait. He loves art and math and terrible pick up lines. While he and Callie giggle, Brandon walks in all sulky and awkward and disappears to the garage. Oh, the garage is filled with injustice! How dare they take away his ability to put on his rock opera? Oh, the indignity of it all. Lena tells him she will help fight for him, but he needs to let her handle it.

Fosters 3163We all want you to graduate. We have a countdown clock.

Stef has a blazer and a lesson plan, and it all goes awry when one of the students decides to insult the lesbian hummus. He mouths off, and she kicks his butt out of class. Oh, Stef, you are having such a good first class!